Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23, 2010

Dearest Family,

How are things in the Yay? Lets see what to I have to talk about today? Well first off I'm hearing mixed things about Dad and China, I hear that he is either just trying really hard to move to China, or just working a lot with Chinese people. Whats the official news on this front? Anyways, It doesn't really matter to me either way. I'm allready six weeks out, It has been pretty good. We yet again gained a 4th companion, and then lost him in the matter of a week, So far I've been with Elder Spencer pretty consistantly, but I've also been paired up with Elder Mackay, Elder Pyne (who went to the Spain MTC 3 weeks in), Elder Wells (Who got temporarily sent to Cleveland Ohio until he gets his visa to Argentina), and Elder Farr (who also was held up on his visa to Mexico, but they take you to the embassy in SLC to get it, so he is out now). It is pretty interesting, I'm a little worried that I won't get mine, because I got it in late, and they don't let you know whats up until its time to either get your travel plan or not, which is kinda backhanded. But oh well, We'll see what happens because we get travel plans sometime next week.
So Yes I did get the package you sent me, I thought you answered me, but I got that at the start of two letters, So i guess maybe you didnt hear, I love the Eddie Calender, It is amazing, I look at it like every day. I guess Teresa got my package. Thats cool, Sam can me expecting one too from me, But tell him not to get his hopes up of anything that cool, afterall it is the MTC bookstore. I have no idea what to tell Danny, The zune always worked for me, just plug it in, and open up the zune program, and it should be recognized on there. I´m not sure what else I can tell him. Besides I might want you guys to send it to me with a wall charger and some speakers, because I really miss the music, and I get to use it in 3 weeks. But if danny can get it to work, then just let him keep it. I really miss my good shoes, I hate wearing these running shoes for gym. They are part of the reason I rolled my ankle, but oh well I feel fine now, and I play basketball everyday.
We are teaching Lesson 2 in spanish this week, We taught lesson 1 in spanish last week, and it was really dumb because they mis'scheduled our time for the TRC, so we ended up teaching like a 12 minute lesson and contact and didn´t get through like anything. Oh well. We should be okay this week i think, we will get to teach a real trc investigator if were lucky. We teach a lot during our classes and stuff, Even though we begin to dread it a bit. It gets a little repetitive the more you do it lol. We have decided that we want to try and get our teaching to more of a converstation and less of a lesson, because its easy to just teach a lesson, but its hard to really keep people interested. I feel like my spanish is pretty good, I can understand everything that people tell me usually unless they use like wierd phrases and ways of saying things. Its still hard to say what I want to say sometimes, for lack of vocabulary, but I think I'm okay, I can teach the lessons without a problem and I figure a lot of the Vocabulary will come as I'm out in the field.
Tell Teresa and Sam Happy birthday again. And Danny is the lucky one that will probably get to get the first present from El Salvador, So he can probably expect something cooler than a Libro de mormon. I guess I have a facebook group with 83 members now, that is wierd. lol none of them except ryan have written me yet. (speaking of which, ryan doesnt really check his facebook very much, so if he ignores your requests thats why.)
All is well in the CCM,
Hasta luego,
Joseph DeVictoria.


  1. I'm not sure what he meant by "yay" Usually they call Antioch "Yoc town"...maybe that's what he meant?

  2. I wondered if it was something in Spanish?