Monday, May 3, 2010

3rd Week in El Salvador: That Went Fast

Editor note: I apologize that I had to do a little bit of editing to protect the privacy of some people.

Dear Familia,
I haven`t asked this before, but I don`t have dad`s email, I tried like 7 diferent versions to send it to his work. But anyways I`m guessing that you have been forwarding them anyways, but I wouldn`t mind getting his email as well. Thanks for the letters though. I guess I`ll start off by answering teresa`s questions: 1: I`m gonna send a picture of a holocaust cat, as well as some of the muttiest nastiest dogs you`ve ever seen, but I don`t have any right now on my camara. 2: Yes it does look like im the whitest guy in that picture, but thats just because I`m in the sun, the white girl and that other white guy are at least as white as me. 3: My friend in Chile said that they are encouraged to drink cocacola, but I didn`t think it would be against the rules here. And the gay thing isnt that we can`t listen to enya like some other missions, its just that the birthday present you guys sent me I can`t even use :( 4: don`t know if I can get a live animal to CA, but I could probably get a sticker up there. maybe a machete too. 5: Lol Katya still works at the Waterpark! haha all these people say that they don`t want to work there anymore, and that they are not going to go back the next year, but they always do!!! haha. Sam Sam Sam... haha. You are NOT the sexiest lifeguard ever. 6: I do use my pocket, And about the coin purse, I probably will buy one if I can find one, and even more, I plan on getting a llama bag for you when I come home hahahaha. Yes its strait us US money, but we just use coins like crazy, Im up to like 20 different states of quarters now. 7: My favorite food is probably uhhhhh pupusas, but just because they don`t suck, not because they are all that good haha. and my favorite thing about El Salvador is probably that I hear gunshots in my neighborhood almost daily, and that everything is rediculously cheap. I don`t think I`m gonna lose weight just because the food is so cheap. We pay our cook $50a month for breakfast and lunch! haha. What do I miss about antioch? being able to use the computer any time I want, and having free time to do whatever I want, being able to listen to music, watch movies, tv, play video games, ride a motorcycle, eat good food, and being able to speak english, but that is about it.
Thanks for activating my card! I don`t actually even need to use it, I have another debit card down here that the mission gave me, but I want to be able to use it if I have to. Just keep an eye on my account so I don`t get robbed to death. But on a happiest note this is the coolest mission in the world. Felicidades a David Whitaker. When I was at school I saw Jeff like every day, hes short, but they are all super ripped.
Thats funny that you are having dreams about me dying on my mission haha. I don`t know if I`m dreaming in spanish or not, but I do know that my dreams are almost all mission related, which is kinda gay lol. I`m always like teaching lessons, or talking to you guys about my mission. When I was in the MTC, I had a dream that I was home from my two years, and we were living in a different house, but I was really depressed, because even though I had served a mission I couldn`t remember any of it! lol. Lol. Mom you should start reading Preach my gospel, because If you are going to do missionary work you might as well do it the same as the missionaries. Because people can`t accept anything in this church unless they accept that Joseph Smith was a prophet, but then if they know that everything else falls in line. We have been teaching a Sister Dinora Madrid, and she is like super hard to teach, because she has all of the wierdest and most deep doctrine questions. Like why can`t women hold the priesthood, and why can`t just anyone go in the temple, and what do we do in the temple, and why do we baptize for the dead, and just all these really hard to answer questions. She has been reading all of the scriptures we gave her, and shes been praying, but she says she hasn`t recieved an answer yet. Bleah, she has a baptismal date for the 22, but she says she doesn`t want to be baptised if she doesnt have an answer by then. The good news is that she has never been baptised in another church before even though her mother is Evangelical slash Catholic. And she is way open to letting her daughter do whatever she wants. but yeah what else I dunno, we have between 3 and 7 people who we think will get baptised in this coming month. We are always kinda competing with the other missionaries to see how many people we can get to church and how many people we can bring into the gospel. My first day here the mission president told me strait up that this is a baptizing mission, and its not a question of if we will have baptisms, its just a questions of how many you will have, and they say that the best missionaries can help up to about 100 people to join the church in their missions. So they challenged us to baptise a lot. The last Large group meeting you go to in the mtc is all about baptizing, and how some people say that a mission is more about just planting seeds, but the whole talk by one of the apostles is about harvesting, and how we need to focus absolutely on baptizing people into the church. because even though some will probably fall away, the overwhelming statistic is that most will remain in the church. They say that every missionary in the world should be harvesting several baptisms in their mission regardless of how "hard" it is, because if you focus the work is the same.
Well thats probably enough about baptisms for now. We are teaching a lot of lessons. I`m pretty used to the schedule now, like I said in the title, this week went way fast, Just kinda flew by. But it was good, we just need to work on our finding people to teach. Our area is pretty small people wise, and like every referral that we get is for someone elses area lol. But we have had some good success door knocking. I had a whole long talk with a guy who has literally broken every commandment, and who is super depressed. I`m kinda stressed about what to do with him, but we will see how things play out. I figure I`m only in this area for a couple months, so I`m going to try and do everything I can to move the work forward.
I`m gonna try to print out the picture you sent me, hopefully it works lol. It has been raining for the first time this week, when it rains the gutters get really full, because all of the gutters in the city run into kinda main gutters, and they are like 6 feet wide so you have to jump to cross them lol. I don`t know for sure yeat, but I`m getting a feeling that shoes wise I may have gone a little overboard. The jungle stompers we bought are actually great, they look really big, but they fit just fine, but the point I`m trying to make is that my $20 walmart shoes are holding up just about as good as my $170 mr macs shoes lol. I dunno we`ll see how they hold up at the end of the mission, but I`d go out on a limb and guess that when sam and danny go, they probably only needs one good tough set of shoes like the boots, and 2 $50ish dress shoes lol. dunno just something I`ve been thinking about.
Well I guess the coolest thing we did this week was that we went to Usulutan to translate for a Non profit company of like lenscrafters who were doing a glasses clinic, and giving away thousands of donor glasses to people who needed them here. I don`t know if I was a good translator, because I`m still way new here, but everything was allright. The people who live out there have realy ugly thick accents, and talk pretty muchw ithout moving their lips lol. But the cool thing was that to get there, the highway was like under construction or washed out or soemthing, so all these little kids come running up to our car and are like you cant go this way, if you pay us a dollar we will show you the secret back passage route, so this little kid jumps in and we drive back up the highway like 200 feet and head off into strait up jungle mud backroad. We we ended up driving through this ghetto jungle with like vines and tons of mud because it had rained that morning, and the little van bottomed out and got stuck a bunch and we all had to push lol. It was pretty nutty and it took like 45 minutes to get through this ghetto backroad, and the worst part is that there was tons of traffic, and basically no room, because it is just a one set of tracks. But we made it through, I`ll send some pictures of it haha. But yeah that was fun. There is like a copuple pictures of the trip, and one of it raining outside, also theres a picture of elder quijivix and I out in the back end of Ilopango. I don`t know there is not that much more I can say. Hopefully we will be having some baptisms soon!
much love,
Elder Joseph Lopez DeVictoria.

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