Monday, May 10, 2010

4th Week in El Salvador

Editor: I'm not sure what all of these pictures are, but I should mention that Elder DeVictoria is a HUGE cat lover. I didn't post all of the cat pictures he sent. lol One of these is a picture of him with the elders who helped translate for the people donating glasses to the needy. The last one looks to be an LDS chapel. What a beautiful building! The one of him dressed in white is with the woman he baptized.

Dear Familia,
Hola ¿Como Estan?
Anyways I guess everything is going good, Antioch still sounds boring as ever hahaha. The work is going good becauuusse: I had my first baptism!!! woot woot woot. Her name is Hermana Reina, and we found her trackting like way late At night, so it was really cool to teach her all the lessons and then have her get baptized, it was pretty cool. The night of her baptism was really stressful though because she was really afraid to do it, because her stupid X-husband who is a pastor at her old church was coming over to her house and putting so much apostasy in her ears lol. But in the end she was baptised, and I got to do it! woot. I really hope she stays in the church. With her is like she would come to church if someone brought her, but I don´t know what would happen if she was on her own. She makes tortillas, even on sundays, because she is kinda poor, but I can tell you guys more when I call tonight, Probably around 8ish I dunno I have to buy a card and everything. hopefully I can figure it out.
We went and did translating again this week, which is just long and boring lol. Basically we just were directing people from station to station and asking them if their glasses worked lol. But I did bring mt camara this time. I finally figured out that it is a very good idea to bring your camara with you as long as you keep it secure, because there is allways something funny going on that you will want to take a picture of, entonces I have some more pictures this week hehe.
We had a piƱata today because it was Elder Garret´s birthday, it was pretty fun, and I have pictures of it. I´m still looking for a present for danny, there really isnt that much cool stuff where I am lol, but if i do find something it will probably get there late.
So craziest things that happened this week. I saw a guy get hit by a bus, he was just kinda an idiot, There are a lot of vendors here that just run around the streets with littel bags trying to sell stupid little things and foods and vegetables and stuff lol. And they also get on the buses and try to sell stuff too. but anyways this guy was trying to sell tomatoes or something and he was just like running up behind a bus, and for some reason he went out in the street and got clipped in the shoulder by a bus and went down. His buddy ran over and heped him up, but yeah hes gonna be feeling htat in the morning, his shoulder got hit pretty hard lol. Also this week when I was on splits with elder gochnour, we talk an alcoholic guy, ( there is a rediculous amount of alcoholics here...maybe it is because the alcohol is so cheap and there is no tax. you can buy a bottle of hard liquor for like under 3 dollars) and he was super positive about everything we told him, and we want to help him and everything, so we invited him to church. Lo and behold he shows up at church super bolo (ES slang for drunk) so we invite him in for sacramaent, and like half way through he told one of the other missionaries he had to go to the bathroom, and he went out, and it turns out he left. oh well haha. It was funny.
My companion only has 2 weeks till the end of his mission...lucky guy lol. But yeah so im gonna be getting a new comp soon, I hope hes not super gay.
Also I did my best to get some cat pictures, I didnt get many of the holocaust cats, but our cocinera got 2 kittens this week, so I have like 100 pictures of them! hahaha.
Also Pouch Mail / Dear Elders work here, let people know.
Anyways love you guys and I´m gonna call tonight (probably 7-8ish),
Love Elder DeVictoria.


  1. I should mention he is allowed to call for mother's day. :)

  2. you need to post a picture of the holocaust cats - I want to see - and that bug thing is scary looking is that a child of the earth or a spider (it gives me the shivers!)