Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 6: What it Doo Doo Man?

Editor Note: I let off the spain picture because it was a magazine or billboard picture of a bull fight, and was too graffic. The bullfighter lost....

Hey watsup?
Well it was a long week, and I lost my companion :( he gets to go home haha. But yeah the week was long mainly because I went on splits with other elders for 4 days strait, 1 with elder Osla (From guatemala,), 1 With elder De La Cruz (a motocross rider from Guatemala), and 2 nights in a row with Elder Gochnour, because we had to get a baptismal interview done, and hes the district leader lol. But yeah long week, and our area kinda got left dry, but we still had a baptism! We baptized hermano René Iraheta, at a thing called una noche blanca. Its pretty cool I´ll send some pictures of it, but basically all of the zone got together to do all their baptisms for that week together, so we ended up with 19 baptisms all in one night! It was awesome, and unlike Hermana Reina was, with her problems and fears of getting baptized, he came along without a problem! woohoo. It was great, everyone was decked out in white. The missionaries said that this was the biggest noche blanca they have seen, but I´m guessing thats mainly because we are a pretty big zone, and we had 2 families as well. But the good news is that Hermana Reina is doing better now. She wants to pay tithing, and she has been going to the activities, we just need to get her to keep coming to church, the same with Rene, just need to get them in a habit of going to church. Having the gospel principles class helps a lot, because all of our new members and investigators can go to that class and just learn from the scriptures. Its pretty cool.
But yeah it was cool to get a new companion. His name is Elder Suarez, and he is from Ecuador. I´ve only known him for like 1 hour, but he seems pretty cool. We had to drop elder Quivijix off this morning, and then go and wait for all the new elders to get at a different building, so basically we waste half our P-day on transfers waiting for stinkin people lol. But yeah a new week with a new companion, it should be cool. I hope we can find someone to baptize.
I´m guessing Teresa will go somewhere Spanish speaking, which would be cool. El Salvador is pretty nutty, but I could definitely see Teresa going somewhere like this. Spanish is actually pretty easy, but its just really hard to hear what people are saying. I can get around now, but it is just hard to hear what people are saying to me sometimes. But my companions have been latinos so i pretty much have to use spanish all day, unless Im with a gringo.
The house looks really good, way better than our old dusty Tan. Its amazing too that the grass looks alive. Its definitely wierd to see a house that isnt made of ciderblocks lol. But yeah Juan is right the states are way easier to live in than out here. The difference between living out here and up there is just the housing cost. It is like you can buy a house here for under 4 grand. Its way cheap, and way cheap to live. But the people work by just selling stuff and giving rides in their trucks and stuff. The high end jobs are really competitive here and not many people get in. The school system is kinda jacked, you specialize by like 15 years old, and they are spacializations like ¨"Lawyer" and "Nurse" but it turns out that they are kinda chafa in the end and it is just really hard to find work. But they do what they can.
The fotos I took are: Baptism with Rene, Flash flood thing that we had to walk through and soaked my nice shoes, a Foto of some corpses that were coming out of their graves during a mudslide in another area, I copied it from another missionary :), The family of the bishop of our ward, A street in the Urbinizacion de Ilopango, Some of the sweet graffitti they have here, another mutted out hairless dog, A photo of the temple under construction (kinda old), Quiznos, This one was nuts, there was a circus near one of our chapels and there were just 2 lions parked in the street in a cage lol. I was gonna get closer, but i didnt want them to claw me lol. This one is of a dude in España who just got owned by a bull during a bull-fight, it was in the newspaper.
Im gonna have to send a couple emails to get all the photos through because this computer is super old. But yeah hope everything is going good. I still havent found anything cool for danny really, but i did buy an awesome hand made hammock for myself :) Tell him happy birthday, Tell Sam to work hard to get a lot of hours. Teresa write me! Dad go ahead and sell the buell, Ive been thinking that I kinda want to ride the honda when I get back, I mean get it fixed up with lights and everything. After seeing that that kind of bike is all the people ride down here, I would deinitely like to get a bike like that to Utah in the car or something or buy one there when i get home, just an idea. But yeah, mom thanks for your tips (allbeit the teach us most of them lol) Love you all,
Adios - Elder DeVictoria.

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