Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 34 in El Salvador: Frogger level 42 Complete, BU HAO


Well president changed Elder Peña this week. I don't know why I didn't ask him to. But anyways thats not a problem anymore...
We baptised again this week! His name is Francisco Osorio, and he is a super powerful melchezedic priesthood candidate! It was pretty awesome to see him get baptised so quickly. It only took us a month with him. Nowadays we usually try to find a member to do the baptisms for us so that we can deal with the baptismal service. Mainly because we don't have a ward mission leader, and our branch president, 2 counsilor, relief society president, youth class teacher, Elderes quorom president, and all of our elders live outisde of the area boundries for our branch. That is the absolute worst thing about Layco, there almost absolutely no support from the members, and also there are only like 2 member families in our area...But we keep fighting. I'm jealous of Teresa, it sounds like she actually has a fun mission. Basically our president works for pure numbers, and he has about 2 times more rules than the white handbook. Our Pdays are really boring usually.

It stinks though, because we have baptised or dropped all of our investigators, and we don't have any new ones now.... and trying to find news here is horrible. The main difference here is that EVERYONE has a church that they actively attend. Our whole job is to steal sheep here.

I'm trying to figure out how to get some pictures sent, because they are all stuck on my card and I have no way to get them off at our new cyber cafe....stupid computers without card readers....I'll try and borrow someone's

Mom your festive shirt really makes the difference in that photo :P

Oh I love Eddie, I played with so many cats this week, Kittens too!!!!!!1 ooohhhhhhhhh
Hey I would really like more pictures, photos of anything, forward me the photos of our anscestors, or of your missions in taiwan, just send me pictures!!!

Love Elder DeVictoria.

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