Thursday, March 24, 2011

Week 58: Weekly email

Dear Family,
This week was kindalame in some ways, but in the end it got a bit more crazy.
This was the last week of the change, and on Wednesday my companion elder Sacalxot got changed. So now I am with a new companion named Elder Boj. He only has like 3 months in the mission, so I am his second companion. But its pretty cool. The good thing about elder Sacalxot was that he and I never ever fighted, the bad thing was that he was a little lazy. So thats like the cool thing about my new companion. These last 3 days we have worked so hard haha. I don´t think we stopped to rest for more than like 15 minutes. I guess I´m taking advantage of the fact that he is new and still has a strong desire to work hard, which a lot of missionaries lose after a couple months. Also he was born in the church, which makes it a lot easier because he doesn´t have inicuo in his blood, and he is willing to be obedient. We are working with a new family named the Familia Salgado Guevara, and we have challenged them for the 9th of April, so we need your help with your prayers so that they can get baptised.
I think I have elder Boj a shaky introduction to the church here. Between the two we had to: Give a talk, Pass the Sacrament, Teach gospel doctrine, Teach Gospel Principles, Teach the young men, Do interviews, Do the tithings, bring The sacrament to a dying man, in addition to the missionary work we also have to do. So yeah he kinda just got dropped right into it. he came from a ward of 160 people to a branch where only 40 members came on sunday haha. At least I´m used to it.
I thought you guys were in China this last week because I didn´t get an email. Maybe you are there right now? who knows lol. I want to know if you guys got affected by the Tsunami at all? I´m guessing not, because Tokyo didn´t even get washed.
There are a lot of prideful people here. I realized yesterday the reason why this place is cursed, We went to bring investigators to church in the morning and passed throught the market in Gotera, and it was 3-4 times more full than a normal day. Talk about not keeping the sabbath day holy.
Obama is coming to El Salvador...I wonder how that goes down haha.

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