Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 66: Familia

Dear Family,
Well this week was super busy. we have been working really really hard.. I don´t think I have gotten enough sleep in like 2 or 3 weeks bleah, but I guess thats what it takes.
we have 4 families that we are teaching. The bad part is that only 1 of them has gone to church. It wil be tough to baptise this month, because we have had 3 horrible sundays in a row where almost nobody came to church.
We`ll see how everything turns out.
I hope everything is good at home, keep up the good work in your callings and work and stuff.
Send me cool pictures when you have them too.
con amor,
Elder DeVictoria
(Is it possible to write a shorter letter than this???)

(I don't know if I dare ask how he did this)

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