Monday, May 30, 2011

Week 68

Dear Family,
Well this week was a really busy week, we were basically running around trying to get stuff done all week.
We really saw a miracle in our area, because the family we have been working with didnt want to get married, but then God kinda softened their hearts and they got married and baptised. But it really was the right thing to do, they allready had 13 years living together and like 4 kids, so they had to get married. The good news is that they wanted to get baptised. It was a crazy saturday.
I´m pretty tired, I hope all is going well in California. I was thinking a lot about how different it is back there, You kinda get used to the life down here after a while and you cant really remember exactly how your house is.
Oh also I got stung by a scorpion on sunday, that was pretty wierd. It hurt pretty bad and made my finger fall asleep for like 5 hours, but It went away.
We are really trying hard out here. It makes the time go by pretty fast though. Thanks for your prayers, the Vasquez family recieved the blessings.
Love Elder DeVictoria

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