Sunday, February 21, 2010

Letter Addressed to Eddie the Cat

Dear Teresa & Danny & Eddie & Sam & Mom & Dad. But not Sally. And most importantly Eddie.

This is basically my response to the letter you sent me about the house elves. (the kids sent him a letter) I am going to check the painting today. (Teresa actually left him a note behind one of the paintings. Not sure if it is still there. :)
Today (Tuesday) is my P-day, so I will probably send a email today too. You should have gotten the email before this letter. Well like I said, my companero's name is Elder Spencer from Chicago. He is hecka cool. So are the other two Elders in my district. They made me district leader but there is only 4 Elders in my district, but there are 4 hermanas too. They are kinda weird, and Dad, there really aren't any pretty sister missionaries. (He had told us before that there aren't any pretty sister missionaries, and we had argued this point)
I'm gonna write the rest of the stuff I have to say in my email.
I LOVE EDDIE (picture of cat, and pictures of paw prints)
Love Joseph

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