Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week 1: Hi

I couldn't help but put in a couple of edits (in parenthesis). This is the first email from Elder DeVictoria. :)

Hello everybody at home! I am doing good, I finally got my email set up on P-day. Tell teresa and danny (and Sam?) (thanks) for the letter I got. Thinks (things) are going great here. I'm still the only missionary I've met that is going to El Salvador. They made me district leader of my district, so I'm like in charge of 4 guys and 4 girls. We have like 2 places we go to basically, our room, and our classroom. And we go to the cafeteria a lot. The food tastes good, but man it cloggs you up lol. I'd rather have Ramen. Please send me a picture of Eddie, I really want one. I got a cat sticker from my teacher and put it on my water bottle. We have two teachers, Hermana Decena and Hermano Ammons. Hermana Decena is from Mexico and Dallas. She is a good teacher, and she speaks with a bit of an accent. i'm out of time because the stupid computer system sucks and limits you. but next email should be better. Love, Joseph.


  1. Eddie is his cat, right? I think it's cute he wants a picture! :0)

  2. Yes, Eddie is the cat. Joseph said he could be an old cat man some day. lol