Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2, 2010

Buenos Tardes Familia, Things are going good in the MTC. It kinda sucks because we lost a member of our district today, He went to the Madrid MTC this morming, so now the hermanas out number the Elders in our district which kinda sucks. I'm doing prety well. My ankle is still a little swollen, but I can run around on it, and jump and stuff without a problem. It just needs a bit more rest so it can really heal up. I've spent like a ton of money at the store getting supplies and stuff, its pretty cool, because we get a 40% discount on everything, everything is allready at the production cost, and also we don't have to pay tax. Its pretty awesome. When you get here they give you almost all the supplies that you need, but I still bought a second Libro de Mormon paperback, so that I can try and give it away on the plane/airport. I really wish I was out in the field allready. The MTC has a lot of stricter rules than the mission field, and all of your schedule is filled with class and learning instead of contacting and teaching. Its okay I guess. Its actually pretty fun to be around the other missionaries during the one hour of personal time we get a day. It really sucks that we can't write leters except for on P-day too. Anyways The language is coming along well. Yo puedo a enseñar en español casi bien como mi inglés. La lengua es muy facíl, y todos los maestros hablen todo en español. Nosotros tenemos que hablar en español todo el tiempo si podemos. Necesito a apprender mas vocabulario, pero está bien. Mom, these are things that I wouldn´t mind getting in the mail: Candy, Mountain Dew, Pictures of Anything, I have several of Eddy, but I definitely wouldn't mind getting a printout of the picture I have of me holding Eddie around my neck, I love that picture. I also want to see if you can find/make some elastic neck button extenders. The shirts I have fit great on my body, but sometimes they pinch up on my neck, another elder told me they sell them at the BYU bookstore, so they might have some here, and I just havent found them. Anyways this week we are teaching the plan of salvation in english, so that shouldn't be too hard. I only have 6 weeks left till I go out into the field. I'm gonna be happy to get away from some of this food. most of it tastes good, but you can tell its just unhealthy. Like I said last week I keep a list of wierd things that happen to us. So The story for the week is this, there is this Tongan missionary who looks like a Murderer. since the day I got here I've called him the murderous Tongan. Anyways we were sitting at the table at dinner, and he came and sat down kinda close to our district. Near the end of the meal, without saying anything he reaches over grabs one of our Elder's glasses. flips it over and slams it on his tray and just stares at him laughing. It was so awkward because of our secret nickname for this guy that I almost died it was so funny. But yeah there are a lot of Wierd people out here. I'm probably gonna try emailing Grandpa eventually, I don't know if I'll have enough time today, but we'll see. Tell danny that he needs to use the Zune on your computer, After he plugs it in, tell him to open up the Zune program, it should show up on the list in the program that the zune is plugged in. Once it is, go to the music library and right click things you want to put on it and click "Transfer to 'humility'" I think. It should put the songs in the transfer queue or whatever and they will go on the zune. You can select a whole bunch of songs by holding control or shift. Anyways I hope Sam and Danny haven't taken all of my good clothes, and I really hope they didnt get into my stuff in the garage, because I want all of that back. Tell Sam that Junior Prom is gay, but if he can dig up a couple hundred dollars then have fun. Mormon prom is free. Teresa better not have changed my facebook to make me look gay or something. I haven't gotten much mail from anyone, but thats fine lol. I love the Eddy pictures, they are all up on my wall in my room. Its pretty cool, like a shrine of cats. If you do feel inclined, packages are allways nice, and its nice to get something other than graph paper.... Sister Dodd wrote me, and I wrote her back today. I hope everything is going good in Antioch, I saw Will Gifford this week, hes only here for three weeks, but its still pretty cool to see him here. We get to see general authorities all the time at devotionals, looks for me on BYU TV haha. Allright I'm gonna get off to save some time for later. Con amor (for eddie) - Joseph.

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