Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8, 2010

Dear Family,
Hermana Steiner in our district suggested that we do this activity where our district writes a letter to our family about us. Here we go!

Elder DeVictoria is the bomb as a District leader. Seriously, he is really attentive to the needs of the district and it's really impressive. You have raised him well. Brother and Sister DeVictoria, he talks about your missions a lot and it's clear they had an impact o n him. That's so great that you've made it part of your family, to talk about your missions. Also, I hope Eddie is doing well. I hear he's a phenomenal cat. --Hermana Coppins

Elder DeVictoria is an incredible leader. He genuinely cares about the people he serves and it shows. He tries so hard to be a good district leader and he does an excellent job. He is a great missionary. ---Hermana Nielson

Elder DeVictoria is going to exactly the same mission as my brother, Dakota Steiner. I hope Dakota gets the chance to serve with Elder DeVictoria because Elder DeVictoria has a wonderful heart, a happy demeanor, and will be a hugely successful missionary becuase he loves people. He has a seriousness to his testimony that is truly admirable. He is also very sincere. You are lucky he is your son. God bless you for raising someone like him.
Love, Hermana Makayla Steiner

Elder DeVictoria is such a fantastic district leader. We are so lucky to have him. He's got such a good heart and is always tring to help us do better. He's also so funny. He keeps everyone laughing and in good spirits. ---Hermana Kimball

Elder DeVictoria is one of the coolest missionaries ever. He is always filled with tons of energy and positivity. He has omse of the funniest things to say all the time. Also, he is a great example to the whole district. He works very hard and always desires to learn more and progress. He is an awe4some companion and has a great testimony. --Elder Mackay

Elder DeVictoria has blessed my life in so many ways. First off he introduced me to a super cool cat named Eddie. That cat is a super hero. Seriously, I am blessed and honored to teach and be a companion to Elder DeVictoria every day. Hi testimony of the gospel is amazingly strong, he knows without a doubt that it is true. He always keeps us focused as a district & is an amazing example to us. Every morning when we don't want to be awake, he always brightens the mood and gets us going for the day. I know I have gained a life long friend in him and he is going to , without a doubt, bless the people of El Salvador immensly. He has come here with an amazing spirit and he builds us up every day. I'm honored to spend the next 6 weeks with him, he is a serious blessing to me, Elder Mackay, this district and this zone. --Elder Spencer

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  1. I had forgotten about that! Awww... I wish my brother had had the chance to serve as his companion. They were in the same zone or district for a while though. Hope he's doing well!