Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Semana Cuatro

Dear familia,
¿Como están ustedes? Things are going good in the MTc. Tomorrow I will have been here for one month! Thats pretty cool. This week we are teaching lesson 2 one more time, and then we will be teaching in español from there on out. I got the first two lessons pretty well memorized, at least as far as knowing all the principals for them in order. We don´t necessarily have to teach them in order, but we do have to make sure that they have heard all the principles at least once before baptism. I have some good news, I found out that my mission has been having a lot of baptisms lately. One of the hermanas in my district´s brother is in my mission, she said he has baptized 30 people in the last 6 months! That is pretty exciting, it means that the people are pretty receptive to the message.

We lost a member of our district to Spain MTC last week, so now I´m in a trio with elder Spencer, and elder Mackay. Its pretty cool, we all get along really well, and we are learning how to teach in a trio, in some ways its harder, and in some ways its easier. Our teachers are finally starting to make more sense, Hermano ammons has a wierd sense or humor, so it took us a while to get to like him, but i think that everyone likes him more or less now. I think this week is the last week that I will be the District Leader, it rotates after 4 & 1/2 weeks, and they re-assign someone. It will make some things a bit easier, a few less meetings, but there isn´t really that much that the DL does besides get mail.

Thanks for the letters From home, I don´t really get many lol. Eric Stapely wrote me? cool, He is the one who is in Manaus Brazil, it will be cool to see what he has to say. Ryan Newell wrote me too, he is still chuggin along, he said he´s gonna try to hook me up with some betos in the mail from springville. It should be exciting. I´m a little more used to the food, its like one or two steps down from the Cannon Center, but is basically the same dishes. I bought an arabic Book of Mormon, its pretty cool. I want to try and learn it when I get back. Hey please send me some pictures from home lol I only have one picture of our family, and I dont have my favorite picture of Eddie yet, the one where I have him draped over my shoulders that is on my facebook. I plan on getting some pictures printed this week, then I´ll send some back home to you, I´m just going to hang on to my memory card, because It has a lot of space left and I haven´t taken many pictures.

If you do decide to send me any packages, put some candy and/or Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew in it! You cant get it in the MTC really. How is Eddie doing? I know he misses me so much! Because he is the cutest baby in the world. Im going for the portals eventually Teresa, I´ll let you know when I find one. I hope Uncle David is allright? That would suck pretty bad....Anyways we go to the temple every week up here, so we get a lot of temple time which is cool.

I guess you guys want my awkward/funny story of the week then, well hmmm......Okay so during a devotional or fireside or something like a week ago, We were singing hymns, and the conductor said that he wanted the first verse sung only by the men, the second only by the women and the third together. And so we sing the first verse, and then when the sisters start singing, One od the elder´s behind me keeps singing, and he sang not just a few seconds trying to be funny, but he sang the whole verse like a girl. It was just wierd, I think he was trying to be funny...then another time, the Japan-bound missionaries next to me decided that it would be better if they sung in japanese than English, so they busted out their hymn books, and sang the whole song in Japanese while the rest of the congregation was singing in English, and they weren´t whispering either...bleah wierd. There are actually a lot of Japanese speaking missionaries going out. I saw a whole group of Chinese guys here this morning, they get in on Mondays I think. And there was a group of koreans the same day I got here. they don´t even really speak English. And I saw a group of chinese sisters daring each other to eat a piece of fried chicken lol. I dunno I have a lot more wierd things that have happened to me/us, but I´ll feed them to you slowly. lol.

The Spanish is only getting better, I am getting better at using Preterite, Imperfect, Futures and comand forms in conversation. Its hard to remember what form of a word to use, but it is getting easier, and I can ususaly understand all of what my teachers say, and most of what people with accents say. I think my teacher has us getting used to a mexican accent, because shes from mexico. But every time I hear El salvadoreans speak, they have like the cleanest spanish ever so I feel lucky for that. Its kinda funny whenever I mention my mission around a group of Latinos, one of them is always like "what? no way! My mom is from El Salvador!" or something like that. I still havent met anyone else going there though. Oh well

Hope everything is good in Antioch, send me stuff please! Also mom I don´t need new shirts, the ones I have fit me just fine, but I have one shirt that has elastic neckband built in and it feels so much more comfortable. I´m not sending my shirts home though...thats just wierd. send me some elastic and I´ll make them myself!
Until next time, Adios!

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