Monday, June 7, 2010

Week 8 in El Salvador

Hey guuuyyyys hows it goiiiing?
Well I havent been taking pictures, because I having (haven't) been bringing my camera everywhere, but just because of the stinkin rain. When I´m fairly confident that the sun will be out i will take some more pictures, I do hawever have a couple pictures I can send, because We had another baptism! This time is was a child lol, but still she is the grand-daughter of The Hermana Reina that we baptized like 5 or 6 weeks ago. She is also called Rena lol. I feel pretty excited for her because she is another person who can really benefit from the church. And she had recieved and answer to her prayers as well. But yeah I really hope that they keep going to church, they have been going, but its always a struggle to keep them there. We had a pretty nutty fast and testimony meeting today, because practically everyone wanted to bear their tustimonies, and also the mother of the girl who got run over went up to bear her testimony, and she was inactive for a long time. We visited her a few times with her mom and she started going again. But now what we want to do is to get the husband and the son baptized and teach them and get them to the temple so they can be sealed. We will see what happens, but I believe if we work with them it will happen eventually.
Also my good shoes with the real leather got owned by the rain. They got covered in mold after like one day of the stupid wetness, only in the spot where the nice leather was. Its kinda gay, I´ll wear them still, but I just hate the idea of putting my foot in mold. Especially when I have 2 other pairs that are just as good. for the most part I just wear my wal mart ones because they are way confortable. The bug in that photo is called a sonpopo, and they come out when it rains. They are like the big version of the flying ants that just swarm at the same time pretty annoying. One is of a door we saw. All the doors here have a little sticker of the church they belong to lol its pretty gay. But i would love to get a sticker from every one of them. Everyone here has a thing called a "baggy" which is just like a slang word for gay man scrapbook. I have one too. But in mine there is a page of apostasy, but I would love to get some of these stickers to put there. Haha its pretty cool. I´ll show you when I get home wink wink. Also something I realized and told teresa is that If im right me and her are gonna get home in the same month! haha wicked. You guys should come pick us both up, but me first so I can see taiwan, because none of you speak spanish, but only I dont speak chinese. :P
Anyways I dont have much more to say other that out joke goal for the month is to only baptize niƱos the whole transfer haha.
Adios pues, hasta the proxima semana,
Much love
-Elder DeVictoria.


  1. there must be a way to get rid of the mold, you should google it Delirious.

  2. I was thinking even rubbing alcohol would get rid of it.