Monday, June 14, 2010

Week 9: Still strengthening the Primary!

Dear Family of Antich,
Yet again I haven't been carrying my camera much. Which is pretty dumb, because there is always something cool to take a picture of. I even put it in my weekly planning this week that I am going to carry my camera in a plastic bag from now on just so I don´t miss the opportunity to take pics. But yeah I basically just busted it out again for the baptism this week. Remember the little girl I told you about who died? Well this week we taught and baptized her older brother Wilber. They still miss the little girl a lot, but they seem to be coping pretty well. But its actually crazy that we got him baptized, because his dad like a month ago said that he wasn't ready to get baptised, and that he wasn't behaving right and that he didn't want him to get baptized, but this week he just went ahead with it. Only his mom is a member, but his dad isn't, and his parents aren't married. We are hoping that he will see the example of his son and join the church so that they can be an eternal family one day and be sealed to the daughter they lost. But they seem really positive now, they even threw a little party afterwards for Wilber and invited us over. Its pretty cool.
We only have 3 more weeks here in this change, which means that we are hoping to have one baptism the last week of the change. The problem is that we have a ton of new investigators, but none are positive, and none want to come to church. Its kinda lame, but we are still working hard trying to get them. because people have to come to church 2 times, and be keeping all the commandments to get baptized. We are hoping that we can get some people to church this week. It kinda sucks, because I am probably going to get transferred to another zone at the end of this change, because I´ve been here 2 changes. I hope I can stay another change here, the members are great here, the weather is awesome, and we are close to all the cool stuff of San Salvador. I only have to take one bus to get to San Salvador Centro. But we never go there because we can just go to Soyapango every P-day to write. I hope I get transferred somewhere close, like Soyapango, Layco or San Salvador. I like being in the big city.
The comp is still pretty cool, The world cup started this week for soccor, so all our Latinos want to watch it every time they see a TV lol which is definitely breaking the rules a bit. But I try to just focus on the work as much as possible. Definitely P-day is the best part of the week still lol. I relish the opportunity to eat food that actually tastes good lol. Our cook actually is really good, its just that all the traditional food of el salvador is just soooooooooo bland. Its just super plain with no spices! bleah but on pdays we get to eat whatever we want. But we have to watch out, because they only give us $235 a month for everything, and if we spend it all on food we get kinda hosed at the end of the month. Bleah law of Anyways I hope everything is good in antioch. I hope sam is getting a lot of hours and staying out of trouble, and that Danny hasn´t touched my gamecube (I reallly reallly dont want anyone to touch that, I want it back in the exact way I left it. So DONT USE IT DANNY/SAM/TERESA/ANYONE) lol. I hope teresa is ready for nonstop teaching, and that she knows how to speak chinese. I hope mom doesnt tell me about roger, her chinese book, and her blog for the third time next week LOL just kidding, you can write whatever you want I´ll still read it. I hope dad has fun in philly, eats a philly chesesteak, and gets some more fat orders so that he can get another bonus the next two years (to pay for my car when i get back. hAHAha) no I´m just kidding, Les amo mucho, y espero que ustedes tienen unos buenos 19 meses hasta pueden ver mi cara gloriosa jaja.
Anyways the pictures are basically all of Wilber and his family, but just look at the one where I´m preaching and see how sweaty my face is haha. If you have any speacial requests let me know.
peace out homies,
Elder DeVictoria

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