Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Week 13: Oh You Should See How We Giggle and Laugh

Editor's note: I am using a public library computer this week so can't post the pictures until next week. I'll post them in a separate blog post.

Dear people of America, OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH EDWARD!!!! YOU ARE MY LITTLE GENTLEMAN!! Lol I know Eddie can do anything, but I never thought he would be riding a motorcycle!!! oh what a beautiful cat. But anyways, I am just wearing my shoes instead of keeping them in a rubber box. It seems to be working. This week I was so tired of all the mold that I took all of my clothes upstairs and we bleached the whole house and cleaned it with disinfectant. It seems to be working so far. Its so cool that I can buy all kinds of sweet clothes down here, like fake versions of really expensive clothes, that dont look fake. I feel like time is just flying with the letters you guys send me, I just left, and you guys are allready going on vacation. By the way, the seasons are basically flipped here, So these months that are super hot up there are just super rainy down here. I had to buy another umbrella because I allready destroyed 2, but this one seems to be working pretty well. I finally switched over to to big bulky ones, because At least they don´t break. We had the barbique and the meat tasted way good, but I have no idea if they followed the recipe or not. We are going to make spaghetti and meatballs tonight, I just hope he can find the right kind of chese. I hope work is going good for Sam and Teresa, sam has probably saved a buch of hyphy ganstas by now, and teresa and found out exactly how many pittsburg gangsters it takes to change a lightbulb into an energy efficient obamabulb. Basically everyone here uses Obamabulbs, because they don´t have enough dough to spend on the big old school ones (for the electricity) You guys would not believe how cheap you can live down here. Literally a family can live for like $150 a month for all your expenses besides food. (house, electricity, phone, water, trash) The houses are pretty small, but not so small that you cant live, they are just like small apartments for the most part. We are still teaching these three families, the big families are having some problems with the husband being a stinker, but the family of three that have gone to church 3 times are still progressing, and if we can get them married they will most likely get baptized. Thats like one of our biggest hassles here, getting around brainwashed people, and trying to teach people who either dont want to or are too lazy to get married. The one family is called the Lopez Alvarado family, and the other is Rivas Moran, and Rivas Cruz. I might have allready explained this before, but in latin names, there are two names, and two apellidos. So its like "Josue Mauricio Lopez Martin" And people use either of their first names, and the last names are the apellidos are the last names of both their parents, or of their husband if they are married. So I have no Idea why you guys say that grandpa is named José Lopez Lopez DeVictoria. He should have another name in place of the first lopez. Tell dad congradulations on his new bike, and tell him not to crash it lol. At least he has a bike that actually has some power now lol. Its so funny how much slower everything is here, the cars are all small, the busses drive slow and all the motorcycles are tiny. So basically when we are going 45 Mph I feel like we are flying lolz. So I saw a dead body this week. another person got killed in my street. Its so dumb, they kill people just for their bikes and stuff, its rediculous. all the people here love to freak out about that law they passed in Arizona and Utah. Could you guys send me the exact wording of the law, because I hear everything down here through 6 layers of bias, and I´m about 99% sure its not as bad as people say it is. Oh well i dont have much more to tell you guys about the week other than we are just working along. I took a couple pictures of the food I eat, it doesnt get a whole lot more exciting than that lol. but its there. And the lady in the picture is one of the people in the liahona, and we are Bffs with their family. I just thought it was cool to have a picture of her with her conference picture. I took a video too but it wont let me send it. Btw Spain won the world cup.

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