Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 12: Teresa's Running out of time!

Editor: I translated all of these phrases using Yahoo Babelfish. They looked pretty benign, so I left them. I hope the translation was correct. ;) By the way, is it just me, or is Joseph's English starting to dwindle?

Dearest family beloved,
Well I´m gonna start off by commenting on things you guys have said. Yes mom you told me about the baby. Teresa: "Yo crapé gatos en mis pantalones" (Only missionaries know what the verb crapear means.), "Había un tornado en mi vestido interior", "Había una lucha de pistolas en mis nalgas", "Hay gas sucio escapando de mis nalgas", "Corran por sus vidas la bomba explotó y la ballena ahorita tocó su trompeta" Have fun saving the planet! Hey Danny congradulations on the merit badges, finish climbing here with the scouts. And practice swimming in ice water for next year. And yeah brother Langford does have a sweet car. And tell Noel whats up for me. So what I eat every day is basically usually Breakfast: Beans, eggs, and a fried bananna with french breadlets. Lunch: Sometimes we have good stuff but usually she gives us rice, chicken or beef or something, and a salad or fried potatoes or something. And they always try and stuff nasty fat tortillas down your throat. I use a secret word when I talk about them: Disgustos. I guess their not that bad, but it just makes you sick when you finish all your food and are super full, and have like 4 disgustos waiting for you. For dinner we ususally eat pupusas, or once in a while some fast food. But thats about the extent of it.
To be honest we had a great 4th of July here. We set up a barbicue with some members, and cooked it up on the roof and sang the sweetest song in the world: The star spangled banner. Oh being in a nation where everything is crummy just makes you appreciate what it is like in America! lol. But the barbique that we are was actually pretty good. Its sucks a little because the beef here is like 1/10th as good as the beef that is alfalpha fed from Texas...wah... But still we just go for it, and its pretty cool. I´m probably gonna die, because I chugged like a ton of the Water at the chapel out of the water fountain, and Im not sure if its filtered or not. But oh well People give us chorro every once in a while, and we just drink it if we dont know what it is, but if we do I just say im okay but thank you lol. Quick shout out to my boy Ryan Newell in another place where the water is unsanitary, DO WORK SON. I´m gonna see if they will let me borrow the card reader so I can send you guys some pics of what we did this week.
Transfers came and went and I´m still in Las Cañas 2 for my third transfer. But thats okay, because I like it here, and the members are bosses, and what more: we have 3 family inverstigators are church yesterday! Woot Woot. I really hope that they all get baptized. They all kinda live out in the boonies on the edge of our main area, but thats okay Cuz I´m still fly. And they are all very positive. The work is still going good, and I´m trying to work on talking to people in the street more. Its not that I´m scared, I´m just lazy. But so is every other missionary. But the last like 4 days I have tried to talk to everyone who sits next to me on the bus, and everyone that I pass going the same dicrection in the street. So its pretty cool.
I played like 4 hours of soccer today, and my feet hurt lol. And I switche back to my dress shoes to wear every once in a while. I didnt wear them all last transfer because they had that mold in them, and I just didnt wnat to put my feet in them. It SUCKS our entire house is INFESTED with this stupid mold. Its hard to clean and there is no way that we can prevent it. I´m thinking about just moving all my stuff upstairs and hoping the dry heat up there will keep the mold down. But it doesnt really do that much, its just a pet peeve. But I dont know if I told you guys or not, but I bought a soccer ball and everyone is SO jealous of me haha. Every person in the world wants to buy it from me, or buy their own or something haha. But its definitely getting used.
Tell dad that motorcycle will probably sit there for a year without selling. because its not that attractive hahaha dike bike! But good luck on that. Oh yeah and my companion´s bishop back home has been bishop for 11 years! But I guess its hard to find good bishops out here sometimes. Hey tell Jason to say what up to Lebron James for me. (and good luck on the mission)

I´m gonna try and tag some pics of the week on for you. And by the way I have 5 months on the mission this saturday :) almost 1/4 baby!
Love Joey D.


  1. I can't believe it's been 5 months already! One trick he might try with his shoes. I had a friend whose sister lived in Hawaii and kept her shoes in those tupperware shoe boxes to keep the mold off. Not sure if it would work if there's already mold on them but it might be worth a try!

  2. Thanks Amber! I'm going to pass that on to him!