Monday, July 19, 2010

Week 14: Transfer 3, Week 2

Hey everybody,
How is it going? Everything is just about the same down here. Still trying to get people to get baptized. We are teaching a couple families, but only one of them is going to get baptised. The sucky thing is that we have to change her name, take out her national ID card, and get them married before we can baptize them. Bleah. Why dont people just get married... We have a new District leader now, hes named Elder Streeter. This week was pretty much the same as any other week. And El salvador is just as ghetto as normal, a guy got killed in our street again yesterday which makes murder number 4 in our street since I´ve been here. I should take a picture of all the gang tags all over the walls where We live, and the 30 pairs of shoes hanging from the power lines outside our house. But actually we are perfectly safe, because the gangsters know we live there, and we always say good night to them every day, and they are all positive and say it back. Sam sam sam. I just image that you are playing Xbox 360 every minute of the day that you are not busy saving plastic babies. Russ is gonna fool you one day. Tell all those gangsters at the water park that Joe D says hi. I don´t really know what more I can say, its kinda a boring week. They did give us 198 dollars extra on accident and I had to send it all back in cash today. So we took some cool pictures with both of our extra cash like gangsta ballah pics. lol. The members in this ward are really cool. I´m thinking about buying some gifts for the people that siempre give us food and shelter whenever we pass by. Thats something that I plan on doing when I get home is making sure the Elders are always welcome in the house lol. because now that I know what they want/are going through, its pretty cool. we always talk with members about their missions, and they are always asking us about how the mission is now and stuff.
Utah sounds pretty boring this year, you guys will probably have a really wussy parade lol. I hope dad is enjoying the motorcycle, it sounds/looks like its a lot more fun that his old dike bike. I wish I had a motorcycle down here, I swear we spend like 25 bucks on just bus fares every month each. And they only cost 20 cents lol. Did I tell you guys I have a list of things that I want to do when I get home. ITs pretty cool. I´m just gonna go down the list lol. Only 20 days more and I have 6 months in the mission!!! woot woot. It is pretty cool to be able to understand spanish now. I wouldnt say I am fluent, far from it, but I can definitely follow and participate in a conversation now without too much trouble. But yeah hopefully by the end of the mission I will be able to speak without even thinking about it. I really need to work on my accent.
I really don´t have a whole lot more to say, ask me questions if theres something more you want to know. Sorry for the boring letter,
Much Luv,

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