Monday, July 26, 2010

Week 15 in El Salvador: Weekly Email

Dear everyone,
I hope all is going well, I´m more or less okay here in El Salvador, I got a little sick on saturday. But other than that I feel allright today. Still working to gett his family baptized. the only thing stopping them still is their documents. But we are working on that. At least we will baptize them this transfer. Its pretty bad here if you don´t baptize for a whole transfer. Elder Suarez is kinda funny, every time we dont comply with our goals for the week he gets sooo depressed. But its halarious, because he sets the same goals every week, and they are the "standards or excelence" that the mission president puts. I don´t know I don´t agree with his way of planning, but I´m not senior comp so I don´t complain at all lol. I could machete him with Preach my gospel a lot about planning, but I don´t. because the planning doesnt even really change how we work that much. We just try to keep our days filled and busy, and Personally I don´t worry about the numbers that much. Because I know elders that teach 30 lessons a week for a whole transfer and never baptize, and I know other elders that teach below the standards of excelence and baptise tons of people.
It was pretty cool getting a lot of emails this week. Even though mom basically sent me the same letter as last week, with a couple additions lol. Btw, MOM and DAD why are you buying SAM a truck and not me? And second question why does he only have to graduate from seminary and not high school? Oh well I´ll just get one when I get home. Btw did you guys sell the buell yet? (question with an obvious answer)
Its kinda sad how little I have to write to you guys. I´m in the same area, and we dont have a whole lot of investigators. But 3 more people got shot on our street this week. so we are at a running total of 7 since I´ve gotten here. Thanks for sending me the Arizona law thing. Its kinda interesting. Its not really any different than what allready existed, other than the policemen are now intructed to question suspicious people about their immigration status.
Teresa should practice chinese with you guys. It will help a lot if you can get to the mission allready speaking chinese.
Bleah my stomach hurts, well hope alls well in paradise. Let me know if anything cool goes down.
Elder DeVictoria.

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  1. poor thing - it's not fun being sick and so far away from home - I hope he feels better soon!