Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 19 in El Salvador: Guess Where I Am

Tengan muy buenos dìas cada uno de ustedes (thats what the venders on the busses say),
Haha well actually I`m pretty close to where I just was, I just got transfered 2 zones away, and now I`m in the very very center of San Salvador. If you look on a map, it is right where they put the star for the capital. The Zone is called Layco, and just a fun bit of history, even though our branch is Tiny, our meetinghouse was the very first constructed in El Salvador. Granted it has been remodeled like 2 times, but yeah. We also have the distribution center for El Salvador in our area, which is pretty cool. I have heard a whole bunch of rumors about this area, that it is really hard to baptise here, and that the people arent receptive, but I am very optimistic, because in 4 days, I have realized that this area is like 2-3 times bigger than my last area, and the people are actually more receptive. So we have plenty of work to do here. Actually we have 3 possible baptisms for next saturday too. I am actually really happy to be here, because my new companion is a boss. I was praying all of the end of last change that I would get a companion who is obedient, and wants to work hard. Not that my last companion was disobedient, but it was just hard to stay at the work sometimes. But I definitely got my wish, my companion is named Elder Fabiàn, and he is really great at missionary work. He was trained by an ex-ap who extended his mission and requested to train him. He is way focused in a good way. I`m really happy though, because I feel like I wasn`t really trained properly, and my second companion wasnt either, but now I get a chance to actually be trained the right way. I think president sent me here just for that. He is slightly phisically-handicapped, but he has never complained, and he keeps up a good pace for work, which makes up for a slightly slower walking speed. I`m really hoping this change will be a good one.
The people say that this area is more dangerous than my last one, but I think that you are just more likely to get robbed here. In my last area they just shoot you if you make them mad, so Its probably a blessing. And since there are a lot more streets, there won`t be as many murders "on my street" anymore. It is a lot more urban here. My last are was like suburbs. But now im in the strait urban area. I even took a picture so you guys can get a feel for what it looks like here (btw that great and abominable church in the background is the "Luz del mundo" which is a church started by a mexican guy who claims he was called as a new apostle, and that an apostle is more important that a prophet. Luckily it is a relitively small population church, and no they dont use all those floors.)
I kinda got jacked when I got here, because the last missionaries didn`t leave any money for breakfast, or any food, and our cook only gives us lunch because we live kinda far away. So basically I havent eaten breakfast for a couple days, and sometimes we dont eat dinner, because my comp just likes to work until 9 (which is actually a good thing) But I get more money at the start of september.
I`m kinda bummed that I got transfered and left a family to get baptised in my old area, but I`m gonna see if I can go to their baptism, because it is only like 45 minutes away. I definitely miss the people in my old area, I felt so sad my last day in Las Cañas....
Okay well I don`t whole lot more to say, Teresa, good luck on the mission, and have fun in the MTC, because that is one of the funnest parts of the mission. Sam good luck in school this year, make sure you go all out so that you can graduate, do the night school if you have to, I promise you its worth it. Danny leave my old stuff alone haha. Mom have fun teaching seminary and making lunches :P. And dad thanks for your paranoid letter haha.
Ps: I think I allready asked you this, but are you forwarding my letters to grandma and grandpa A? because I don`t really have much time to write hand written letters, And they don`t use the internet. So if not, could you print out all my letters and mail them to them, so that they can read them? they have sent me like 3 of their family letters, and a couple other ones, but we cant write hand written letters except on Pday, and pday ends at 6 pm, so I really dont have very much time to do that.
Thanks a lot,
Con Amor,
Elder DeVictoria

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