Monday, August 16, 2010

Week 18 in El Salvador: Hello Fam Bam

Hello everyone back home,
Hope everyone is doing good.
Our baptizm fell through again because of papers.....but they are gonna get baptised this weekend. We have three baptisms planned for this weekend, but its gonna be some new elder who is here for them. I still don`t know if I`m leaving, but Its pretty depressing that I most likely wont be here to see them get married and baptised. I really don`t want to leave this area right now, because the members here are way cool, and all the work we did this transfer is for a baptism that will happen right at the start of the next change..But on a happier note, I`m still doing good here, and trying to work my hardest. I hope you guys are being blessed for my service lol.
Thanks for the linguistic lessons, I`m still working on it. Right now my main goal is to learn to be able to whistle really louds, I`ve been working on it for over a week. Still no real signs of success on that front.
I feel kinda bad that we didnt baptise last change...I think we have just been working wrong, or something, but I am willing to work to make that better. My goals are a lot higher now.
I hope Teresa, Sam and Danny are good. Teresa, good luck on the mission, get me stuff from china, and I`ll get you stuff from El Salvador. Sam keep preparing for the mission, and make sure you do Everything possible to graduate this year. Set your own goals high, and dont worry about what mom and dad say. Danny keep working hard, say high to all the people in the neighborhood for me, and remember that you cant only play video games, you have to balance your interests.
Send me more pictures if you can haha. I`m gonna send a bunch.
Lo Siento por Abuelo Joe.
Espero que todo està bien allà.
Love Elder DeVictoria.

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