Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 24 in El Salvador: The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is Coming to Antioch?

Well how are you all? The days are still flying past here, I`m pulling up on 8 months soon woot woot.
We are still working hard here in Layco, the sundays here are like the most stressful thing in the world. Its really hard to get people to go to church...But the good news is that we were able to do divisions with the members for the first time in this branch. We are up to 83 people in sacrament meeting, and we have a couple progressing investigators now, we might even have a baptism for next saturday, depending on how much of a testimony he can gain this week. His name is Javier Rodriguez, so keep him in your prayers. We are hoping that we can put a good amount of baptismal dates here for the next transfer.
One time in my first area, my district leader told me about the "Missionary Escalator" Which is the way that good missionaries work. Basically the concept is that every investigator that you find, you help to put them on the escalator, and as you continue teaching them, they are moving up the elevator until the get to the top at baptism. The way that good missionaries work, is that they put people on the elevator, and keep teaching them, but before the people get to the top, they keep putting new people on the elevator. Soe people are gonna fall off, and some people will take longer to get to the top than others, but if you keep putting people on the elevator consistantly, you will have baptisms consistantly. We are working that way i think, but people are just falling off like crazy, thats why they say that we have one of the hardest areas in the But well just keep up the faith, and I think we will see success here. I just got sooooo stressed in Sacrament meeting yesterday, because a whole bun of kis that we have been helping to come to church are just sooo irreverent....And it really is a rough area, but I was reading in Alma 26: 26-31, and I think that will be the story of layco. There have only been 3-4 baptisms here this year including ours....but we are not lazy workers, so I believe there will be many fruits to our labors.
Thanks Aunt Marlene, and Grandma and Grandpa Allred for the support you are giving my sister and I on our missions, you will all be blessed for your help!
Hope alls well in paradise, Tell danny to stop falling off the bed, Tell dad he might lose a lot of weight unexpectedly... so he needs to watch out...Teresa good luck with the MTC, talk to your companion a lot and you will have a good time. Dont worry about the Chinese, just memorize a lot of vocabulary, because the grammar (or lack thereof) comes easily, but the vocab is whats kicking my butt still. Tell danny to leave my fridge alone, I want it when I get back. I want my TV too. Mom watch out, I heard there is an epidemic of hyperchondria going through the relief society in california right now. Please each one of you give Eddie 1000 kisses for me, and buy a little tiny tooth brush for his little tiny kitten teeth, and send me a picture of him brushing up!
BTW I have included a "Precher pic", because I know how much you love them mom.
And theres one of my companion in an area called "Porvenir, Cuscatancingo" which is like way up on a big hill.
And another of me.
Much love,
Elder DeVictoria

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