Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 25 in El Salvador: Well, not a whole lot to say

Still working here in Layco. Mom if people ask where I am in El Salvador, tell them that I am in San Salvador in Mejicanos (Mehicanos). Ching chong bing bong wo shur taliban that was for yo chinese speakers, I`ve been brushing up. Kinda a stressful week. Not much happened, but I`m still trying hard to find people to baptise. We are going to watch conference next week. I`ll keep you updated if anything good happens... To make up for my lack of things to say, I`ll try and send a lot of pictures.
Also if you didnt put crosses, or pictures of jesus on the box it might have gotten jacked...I dont know when you guys mailed it.
Please send me some of Eddie!!!!! with his cute little toothbrush!!!!!
Well sadly I really don`t have anything more to say, other than the fact that once again I am living on Ramen noodles. muahahahaa.
Much love elder DeVictoria.

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  1. I totally want to see the pic of Eddie and his toothbrush too!