Monday, October 4, 2010

Week 26 in El Salvador: Transfers Come And Gone

Buenos Dias,
Well I`m still in Layco. We are still really struggling to get progressing investigators. The majority of people we teach are very negative from the start, and those that welcome us back usually don`t want to go to church, just want to hear what we say. But non-the-less we have some victories on occasions. Working here in the very center of San Salvador is very different that the country. One of our main problems is that we cant find any "pez gordos" which is a family with a father that is interested. Just last night we found the first complete family (mother, father, brother, sister) since we have been here in this area. Thats like 7 1/2 weeks of nothing but single moms and uninterested wives.
I am still hoping that we can baptise a family someday. The only people that I have baptised have been single people and children, so its a lot harder for them to remain active. I`m trying to work pretty hard, we set a lot of goals this week in our planning session, including ending P-day at 5 pm, trying to find 20 new people before friday, and doing 2 family home evening appointments with investigators per week.
One of the new goals that we set for our companionship, and also for the Zone here is just to do crazy stuff. I think that might be a big part of what has been missing in my mission service so far, I just don`t do enough crazy stuff, I`m not dramatic enough, I`m just kinda like the person that works hard but just so boring. So we set a goal to do one crazy thing per week as a companionship, and 1 per month as a zone. We are still trying to think of what we will do this week. I was thinking that we should go preaching on busses, or some other funny way to find new people. If you have any Ideas let me know.
The package you sent got here, Thanks for the pictures, and the SD ard, and the Thumb Drive. The candy only lasted about 10 minutes, but thanks for that too. I`ll look forward to that envelope too. But most of all thanks for the Chinese Cat bell that made all the difference lol.
Sounds like China is gonna be pretty nutty. I heard someone tell me that during the break between general conferenc of saturday they announced that they are working to open china in the next 2 years or something. I didn`t hear it first person, another elder told me. Let me know whats up with that. Wo shur la dudza.
Sam congradulations on getting into night school, that is a very good decision. Work as hard as you can and you will be very very blessed in the end. Have faith that you will pass all your classes, and don`t let anything distract you. Finish the homework before the Xbox. I learned the hard way.
Mom make sure those boxes under my bed are safe, because I have a lot of notes from school, and things that I really want to keep in there, don`t let danny send them scattering to the four winds. And I want ALL of my shoes when I get back too.
Grandma thanks for the advice on the vegetables and stuff. I am very much in agreement, I think just in one month of eating ramen my body has become so shriveled and sick that I`m definitely gonna start eating healthier. no ramen.
Oh and the president invited us to his house for lunch because the whole zone baptised! :P
Well thanks for the letters and stuff, keep them coming.
Elder DeVictoria
(ps the young womens group from our ward sent me letters this week wink wink)

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