Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 28 in El Salvador: I realized that I started like 10 out of the lat 12 journal entries I have done with "well"..

Dear Family,
While my mind is still on it, I would like to tell you all of one of my accomplishments on the mission. I have managed to keep a journal entry for every day of my mission so far. Thats about it lol.
Well the most interesting thing that happened this week is that we had emergency changes because some missionaries in another zone were fighting. My companion got sent to their area, and I recieved a new companion who was working out in San Miguel. He seems really cool, and we have been working real hard all this week. His name is Elder Bac, and he is from Guatemala. My second chapin companion. I`m really lucky as far as I can tell, because I have had all good companions. I feel a little humbled now though, I was sad because I left 4 baptisms in my last area, but he had to leave 10, and the change wasn´t even his fault...
We are still working with Guillermo. The main problem is that his dad thinks that we are pressuring him too much to be baptised, when he should be encouraging it like a faithful member of the church...I dont know his dad is kinda wierd. But he is definitely eligible, and he can get baptised this 23 of october. keep him in your prayers.
Mom your soooo faking it that you have anemia.....maybe the computer screen is sucking out your blood daily. muahahaha. Basically I have more cats here in the mission than I did when I was at home, because there is no such thing as nuetering or spading your animals here. I am such a cat charmer, I can make any kitten purr. Muahahaha
Teresa I know you love the MTC, just stop being a chambón.
Dad I was very pleased to get your picture, I was thinking about doing the same thing, but I think I forgot. Also you could have taken two pictures, one at night and one in the morning.
Sam you need to go to mission prep. Its only like 2 times a month anyways.
Danny dont touch my stuff (especially NOT the gamecube!)
Con amor y Cariño,
Elder DeVictoria.

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  1. be careful - he might come home with a suitcase full of cats ;>