Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 29 in El Salvador: An Exciting and Tiring Week

Querida Familia,
Well this week was good because we have a solid baptismal date for this next weekend. Our prayers, and your prayers were answered, because we saw a miracle with Guillermo. WE have been teaching him a lot, but his dad has been resisting almost every step of the way saying that its too early for a baptism, and that we need to wait and that we should stop pressuring him and everything. We put a shaky baptiasmal date for the 23d, but it fell through to the 30th, still with his dad all angry. But we have been praying for him a lot, and this sunday he showed up at church, and the meetings were way good, but when we got to priesthood the lesson as on baptism. The lesson was really good and near the end he told us that now he knew why he felt inspired to go to church that day, because in the morning he said that he had no desire to go, but something told him that he should, he said taht now he understands why his son needs to get baptised, and he said that he has had a change of heart. He said that before he was calling us idiots behind our backs and that he didnt want us to come visit, but he asked for our forgiveness in front of everyone. Now guillermo is going to get baptised for sure, and his older brother wilbur is going to do it. I`m really happy for that.

Other than that the work still goes on, Elder Bac and I and working hard, still in Layco.
Hope all is going good Good luck with everything, and keep me updated!

Love Elder DeVictoria.

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