Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Week 44: I think my emails are getting more boring. lol

Oops, forgot to post this one!

Okay to start off,
Tell Danny to quit wearing my clothes, and that I want all of my sweaters back after the mission (clean).

That story about finding a picture of Dad on the mision is nuts. The thing I like most about it is.....maybe the perfectly written chinese characters...but oop no, its the white shirt that has a pocket on both sides :)
Muahahaha. That is really cool though. I'm planning on learning Chinese so that you guys can't tell secrets about me in chinese. And so that when I visit asia someday I won't look like a fool.

We are still struggling for investigators. We had one investigator in church this week. It will be a long battle to get he baptised, but she is our only hope to baptise this month. We will see what happens. It seems like here the people close their doors in the christmas season.

I have heard a crazy rumor. They say that they are going to move up the dedication of the San Salvador Temple to May, and that the missionaries are going to be able to help a little bit with the dedication services. But that is far from the coolest thing. They say that president Monson is going to come and have a double mission conference with us and the west mission, and that he is going to give a priesthood blessing to one elder in a vicarious blessing for all of the elders in service here! That will be pretty awesome. Can't wait.

Yes I am getting closer to a year mark....my companion is going to hit a year at the end of this month. Its crazy to read my journal. I have a little day counter in the top right corner of every day, and I'm at 304 or something like that. I don't know if you guys are still marking off the thingie on the wall or not, but its kinda crazy how fast it is going. the months don't pass that fast, but the weeks definitely do. I feel like I lie down to sleep, and when I wake up it seems like in one day a whole week has passed.

I don't know why I'm writing this in a numbered list...

I'm running out of things to say, so to answer grandma's question:
A pupusa is basically a lump of dough (of corn or rice flour) and inside they put chese, beans, and a variety of other things like herbs, chicharrĂ³n (which is like pig meat that is ground up with onions and spices and stuff. We arent alowwed to eat pork here, but luckily we found a place that makes their's from beef.) and squash. They flatten it out and fry it like a tortilla. They are really good. I don't really like the majority of curtido though.

Thanks for the support, I wish I had more pictures to send.
Love Elder Joseph DeVictoria

ps. hahaha I just realise that Teresa has a suit jacket!

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