Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 45: Weekly Email #44?

Dear Family,

Merry Christmas! Looks like you guys are all excited for your 4 man christmas party!
We had our Christmas multi-zone meeting this week. But it wasn't all that much fun, president perez and his wife talked for a couple minutes, and then we just played some games in the church. We ate a turkey dinner and then they gave us a couple little snacks for a president, and then we went out to work lol. Not the greatest christmas party lol, but I had fun.

We are hoping for a white christmas this week too, but that means that we have to do a lot of work to get these baptisms/marriages lined up. One is named Jocelyn and the other is named Nelson.

We had a very cool experience this week. This last week the sisters in our district had a 84 year old sister who just looked like a dying old woman who could hardly walk. She really wanted to get baptised, and she can't really leave her house, but we brought her to the chapel in a car, and my companion and I both got in the font to baptise her. My companion carried her in his arms while I did the ordinance. It was really cool to see. She really had true intentions to be baptised, and has allready read up to Ether in the book of mormon. It was really cool to hear her testimony, she was just so happy to get baptised, even though we had to push the date to get it done, she has gained a good portion of her personal exaltation. And one of the sisters finished her mission today, so that was her last baptism in the mission.

BTW: I had all of my clothes that I wanted to keep packed up in a large rubbermaid thing, so obviously I got jacked! All I really want is my Red fallen sweater, my blue fallen sweater, my billabong fur lined jacked, and my blue/black DC sweater. Also I want my Wrestling shirts SAM, and my BYU physical education shirt. The rest doesnt really matter that much. Oh and my shoe collection.

I still haven't gotten your gift yet, with parcel post I would estimate that it will take about 3 months to get here, so I will expect it in january/february. But thats okay. I'll just buy myself a smoothie or something. But I do have a funny story to tell: One rich sister from utah got 5 of the $55 dollar us mail boxes! lol Freak thats $275 dollars just on postage, Its easier just to buy all that stuff down here for a lot cheaper. sigh....utah (no offence meant to the 75% of my extended family to are mormon and live in utah :P)

I'll probably call Christmas Eve, because they celebrate Christmas on the 24th here. But I don't really know, just don't leave those

¡Estas nuevas todos den, nacio Cristo en BelĂ©n!
Feliz Navidad,
Elder Devictoria

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