Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 47: Another Week

Dear Family,
I´m sorry my letters arent as interesting as those of teresa. But all is well here. My companion Elder Sacalxot and I get along really well, hes a hard worker, and I enjoy working with him. We found a family and brought them to church thise week! They are really really positive, and they liked the doctrine and how calm it is at church. We are working to get them baptised this 22nd of January. Please keep the Martinez Family (Cipriano, Reina, Wendy, Israel, and Ezequiel) in your prayers during these next coming weeks, and I know that we will have success here.

We are in a branch here. Normally like 50 people come to church every week. There are a lot of problems with iniquity with some of the members, but there are some members here who are super faithful and help us a ton. I´ve never in my whole mission had support like this from the members. They will come with us to like any lesson. This one rich guy gives us rides a lot, and everyone feeds us! Its really cool. We don´t have a meal calendar or anything, they just invite us over or invite us to eat when we visit them haha. The people who live out here in the country are a lot more polite, and a lot more loving. One thing that isn´t that great about here is that they almost never eat pupusas, and they don´t make any from rice flour, only corn... But thats okay, we are far from starving.

I can´t believe they sent you a letter saying that lol. Just so you know mom there is a lot of stuff I don´t tell you guys haha.

I just barely got a letter from teresa. I hope there wasn´t money in there, because there is tape on the back where the mail service here "inspected" my mail. I think the brightly colored cat people scared them into thinking it was a terrorist threat from the Chinos. Let there be happiness in all of your days!

Not that this is anything out of the normal, but on the 50 minute bus ride to San Miguel today we had the privilege of listening to a crazy pastor the whole ride. Oh its just so repulsive to listen to people like them preach. They just stand up and yell non stop. This one had the bible plastered to the side of his head the whole time he talked like the scriptures were flowwing into his mind or something. They just preach so crappily. They base their doctrine on "accepting Christ" and on el libro de apocalipsis (Revelations in our bible) Oh its just so repetitive and boring. This guy did the whole crazy shaking convulsions thing like 10 times, oh its just so annoying. Luckily nobody really likes listening to people on the bus. I know I don´t. I think people would listen to me if I got up and preached calmly the true doctrine.....but maybe I´m just too wussy to try it. I´ll do it some day. People actually like hearing our doctrine, they just don´t like changing their traditions.

Why is everybody in the united states dying? I swear everyone is getting cancer, or infections, or brain tumors. What is going on up there! By the way are you sending my letters to Grandma and Grandpa Allred? I actually used the story that grandma sent me in a couple lessons, but I feel bad that she doesn´t have email, and therefor doesn´t get my letters.

Tell danny and sam to stop complaining about boy scouts and young mens. They will miss it some day. Sam you have to go to high adventure. Its not even boy scout related. Also stop being lazy and go to your activities. If you only play video games all day and don´t have any other interests, the time passes very quickly in your life, and you end up old, but without very much experience in life. Remember balance is the key to a happy life. I think my scale is a little off zero, but I do see the value of a balanced life. Spitirually, Mentally, Emotionally, and physically. If any one is out of wack you will have unhappiness.

Anyways love to alls up there,
Zai Jen
Elder DeVictoria.

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