Friday, January 14, 2011

Week 48: Better late than never

We received this letter through family members. Evidently, the file size was too big for our internet provider. :S

Dear family, Well another week in paradise. They say its hot here, but Ive still felt so much hotter in California. Its funny when all the Utah people and Guatemalans are dying of heat though. I like shrimp too. But only the expensive kind. And only if they are cooked really well. The cheap kind are nasty. I still don´t like fish though. Luckily they only feed us chicken and meat. Oh wait thats not lucky.... I wish I was eating with a fat family. Usually the fat people here actually eat good food. Well kinda good food. The food here can be described by a talk by I think Russel M. Nelson "Good, better and best" but we have to add a couple levels. "Bad, Normal, Good, Better, and Best" Bad is eating crummy dirty food. Normal is eating chicken every day. Good is when a family gives us something out of the ordinary. Better is when we eat in a restaurant on Pday, and Best is anything in the United States. I´ve actually planned out what I want to eat when I get home. It involves various restaurants of food that you can´t get here at all. haha. Speaking of home, I have had like 3 dreams this week that I had just finished my mission and was back home again. Its really wierd. Here they call anything that has to do with home "Baggy" sueños baggy, missionero baggy, super baggy, él es un gran Baggy. I´m not baggy. But I have had a lot of wierd dreams. We are still teaching this Martinez Family. They are really cool. They didn´t go to church yesterday, but we are going to get them in a car this next week. The main problem is that nobody has money here. Everyone is universally poor, and they never want to take the bus because it costs 80 cents a person to get to the chapel and back from their house. And they are a family of 5. Thats definitely the main streuggle to get people to church. It seems like a lot of people in Teresa´s area are at least stable, and have some method of transportation. Here everyone walks, and nobody has money. Thats why they eat so much Tortilla. Because its like 7 bucks for 25 pounds or grain, and they just make a ton of tortillas to supplement their lack of calories. The thing that is amazing here is that you really realize that they church cares for these people. Because the tithings that they send are almost nothing compared to the tithings that they send in the states. There are people up there whose tithing checks are bigger than the entire branches for the year i think. but the faith is the same, and they enjoy the same blessings as the wards in the states. Keep sending me cool pictures from home. I have some pictures this week. basically its just my companion Elder Sacalxot (sac-al-shot) and I in our department. Also theres one of a cat who recently gave birth to 5 KITTENSSSSS. Theres one of me making pupusas in my samoan shorts that elder peña gave me. Hasta La Vista Bebe.. Elder DeVictoria

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