Friday, January 14, 2011

January Letter From the Mission President

December 3, 2011 (I think this is when he first writes the letter, but we didn't get it until the first week of January.)

Dear DeVictoria Family,
I am pleased to inform you that your son, Elder DeVictoria, has received a calling to be President of the Gotera 1 Branch.

As Branch President he will develop and improve his leadership skills as well as his ability to serve as the Lord's shepherd.

Elder DeVictoria has demonstrated a great desire to serve his brothers and sisters here, and it is evident that they love him very much. I can see that he has prepared very well for his mission.

May God bless you and may you rejoice along with your son as he helps bring souls to Christ.

A. Moroni Perez

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  1. This is pretty cool! He's practicing for being a bishop some day! :0)