Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 56: Next Week

Dear Family,

This week we did a lot of looking for new people, but the people here are a little hard to teach... There is a lot of apostasy here...and there are a lot of schurches that just teach outright lies about us. Some dumb anti-mormon people have hijacked the family we baptised. They told them so many lies about the church, and now the lazy dad doesn`t want to go anymore. They told him that we have naked women that dance in our meetings? I don`t know who is dumber they or our converts for believing all the trash they have stuffed in their heads. But I feel content, because we did absolutely everything we could to get them to church and get them baptised, and I won`t be judged if they chose with their own agency not to go to church. Our other baptism here is pretty cool though, she goes to all the activities and is still going to church, we are working on baptising her mom. The problem that we have right now is that we had 7 investigators in sacrament meeting which is way cool, but all of them have challenges to get baptised. One lives 2 hours away in bus, another is convinced his old baptism is valid, one just doesn`t want to and says shes too young, another has to get married, and her compaƱero is in the process of divorce which takes for ever here, And we have a couple positive people, but they have to go to church some more, and we have to get them to understand and accept the truth of the restoration still.

Well have fun in China, you guys can stop by and visit Teresa on the way there. and yes I do want to put a bet, If i win you guys have to get me a car :P
You might get a laugh out of the picture, I keep forgetting my tie when I go out to work, and my companion doesn`t notice for some reason, and then like 2 hours later he takes a picture when we notice hahaa. oops.

Elder DeVictoria

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