Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 55: Same subject

Dear family,

Well this week was pretty un-eventful. We had interviews with president which is always fun. I think this week might have been our worst week But the good news is that we have a steady stream of investigators in the sacrament meeting, which is the hardest thing to do here. We brought a guy named Ivan to church yesterday. He is really cool, he is from Nicaragua, and he really sucks up what we teach him like a sponge. He, like everyone else in el Salvador, goes to another church, but I heard he is new there, so there is time to change him before they wash his brain. Speaking of brain washing, remember how the Johovah`s witnesses are like really wierd in the united states, and nobody listens to them? Well here they are actually pretty big. I have studies a ton about other religions in the mission, and I`ve come to the conclusion that they are the ones who wash people`s brains more than any other. I have a mission goal to baptise one. We came cloase in Layco, but the day after we first visited him, his "brothers" from the testigos came to visit him and yelled at him for listening to us. We kept visiting him, and he recieved an answer that Joseph Smith was a prophet, but those darn JW`s passed by every single day to keep him from listening to us. And it finally got to the point that he was really stressed out from all the pressure, and we found him drinking one day, which is against the rules of both of our churches. Oh well some day he will get baptised. Sometimes when the people are really difficult we tell them: " look sister the thing is that you will be baptised, whether in this life or the next" or we tell them " Did you know that no matter what religion you die in, you are gonna ressurect Mormon?" lol. (Just for the record for those non-members reading this, neither of these statements is true. lol) but yeah the majority of people are just stuck in their religion. Our job is to find them when they are disgruntled with their church. lol.

We had a primary activity this week. It was cool. we ate cake. And we had a bunch of races and stuff with the little kids.

I dont have much more to write lol sorry.

Love Elder DeVictoria

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