Monday, April 4, 2011

Week 60: Hee hee

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Dear Family,

Well my favorite parts of your letters were the following:

When you tried to describe the whole swearing scene with capital letters. It took me a while to figure out what you were trying to say.

"We have another investigator who is retarded."
-Can you even baptise retarded people? I don´t think you can.... I guess it wont do any harm though... All I know is that we probably could have baptised several "mentally ill" people in my mission, but I don´t know if we can so we dropped them... when they are living in another reality I don´t think that they are really fit to make that kind of a decision. And thats in addition to the fact that they would have been instant inactives as well.

This week was pretty good. Its kinda hard to devote time to all the things I wish I could here. We spend a lot of time doing other stuff than missionary work. We had the conference this weekend, so we basically missed all of the weekend working on that.

I have a couple good pictures to send this week. I don´t really want to have to explain them all, but One is from when we took out the trash from our house (We had like more than 10 months of trash in there all full of Rats and ants and stuff from all the lazy missionaries that have been in our area haha) There is another form our sweet general conference setup. One of them is when some missionaries told everyone in Pizzahut that it was my birthday and they all came and sang for me. Luckily it was only like 15 days away from my actual birthday :P. One is from persoanl study ;), One is of Kevin, who I will explain soon, And a picture of the progress of the temple, which is gonna be dedicated in August :D My comp has all the new pictures...When I got here it was like a grey block.

So Kevin is preparing for a baptism this following wekend. He is really smart. He is almost 12 year old. We have been teaching him for like 2-3 weeks. We were worried that his parents werent going to give him permission to get baptised, because like 10 months ago they said he couldnt get baptised, but now he has gone to church like 7 times, and he is ready. We were praying and fasting for him, and last night we called him in the united states and he just told me "Yeah I really want kevin to get baptised, Ive been talking with the missionaries here in Riverside and I want to get baptised too!" Sweet, it is an answer to prayers. Also Hector has gone to church 3 times now, and could get baptised, he jut has to quit drinking coffe, and gain a good testimony of the church. I know he will. I don´t really worry about the baptisms as much anymore. Ive come to the conclusion that If I can help someone gain a true testimony, then they will get baptised. I might not be there, but in the end it doesn´t matter, because its not about me.

I´ll expect my birthday present sometime in July. :P

By the way, I actually did like Mrs. Weihe, maybe you can talk to her and ask her if she remembers me, and to give you some good grades because of me :=). She wrote one of my reccomendation letters for my eagle scout board of review. But I won´t argue that she is a big woman. It was that fat blonde computer teacher that bugged me most of all. And poor Ms. McClain.
Also tell sam to try out a "diminishing clear frech" haircut when he gets his hair cut the next time (I think thats what its called...I dont know if the english translation makes sense but its "francesa clara con diminuciĆ³n" in spanish), His hair grows the same way mine does, and I got my hair cut that way and its sweet.
Also, You are 18 now, you should start preparing for the mission, work really hard and stay worthy. Also review your spanish so that you can serve in Central America :). I know for a fact that you could talk spanish way better than a lot of the missionaries who get sent here without any knowledge of Spanish.

thats about it for today.
Love Elder DeVictoria,

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