Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 61

vDear Family, Well I spent so much time reading your letters and doing some other stuff that I don´t have any more time really to write you guys, I turned 21, and the Medrano Echeverría family threw me a party, and got me a gift! It was really cool. They are the ones that own the hardware store and are friends with the guy that called you guys. Also Kevin got baptised this week! He is a really smart kid, I know he has a future in the church. I hope he goes on a mission some day. It was really cool to hear taht we have so many missionaries serving from our ward, Its because bishop hawkins in a great bishop. Dear Teresa, I bought you a llama bag, I even wear them once in a while to bring extra stuff, you can see it in the picture where we went to dedicate a grave. Okay thats about it. Love elder DeVictoria

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