Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 63: Weekly Mail

Dear Family.

I think I´m gonna get changed this week. I´ve had 3 changes here, and I haven´t lasted longer than that in any area.
It allways stinks at the end of the changes, because its always in the last 5 days of the change that we find sweet investigators. We found a family of like 9 elect people last night... Oh well the next elder qho gets here will baptise them.

President Perez´s time is almost up. At the end of June the new mission president will come in and start getting trained. His name is David Glazier. It should be cool, but man that would be stressful. I think a mission president is harder than being a stake president...There is basically the same amount of people under your authority, plus all of the thousands that still arent members of the church. You would definitely meet a lot of people. I feel like I know a lot of people here in El Salvador now... I know a lot of areas too. I could navigate my way more or less around the country.

They dont really celebrate he whole bunnies and eggs thing for easter here, but the catholics have a huge bunch of traditiones and parades and stuff that they do. I took a couple photos of it all, the huge procession of Jesus carrying the cross, with roman soldiers whipping him, and the idols of Maria and Jesus and stuff. There was a lot of people in the street, I got some good shots from the roof of Hno. Juans house.

We did a lot of stuff this week. YOu guys can kinda figure out from the pictures.. but I´m kinda tired right now, so i think Im gonna finish up. But No danny you cant have my airsoft gun, youre gonna get arrested. If you really want one that bad, buy one yourself. go on , or , or this other airsoft site... I cant remember what its called. Also if you want a sweet airsoft gun you cant get them at big 5, you gotta go online or to gamepod which is near costco. Yes I did play with a monkey... it was soooooooooooooooo cute. He gets his little fingers all over your stuff and tries to steal it lol. Yes we did make that Chorizo.

Love Elder DeVictoria.

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