Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 64: Another Week

Dear Family,

Well ther big news of the week is that they changed me out of Gotera.
My new area is called Chaparrastique, its a pretty sweet area they say, They have baptised like 3 or 4 families in the last 6 months. So I´m gonna hope and pray that we can do the same.
My new companion is named Elder Echeverria. He is from Malacatán Guatemala. Hes pretty cool.
We are working really hard so that we can baptise this month. The good news is that we brought a family to church yesterday!

Well I dont have a whole lot to say, only that teresa is probably secretly eating cocaine, or one of its cousin plants, because they say when you chew cocaine leafs it makes your mouth go numb.

Also dad thats pretty cool all your china stuff. Just keep working hard. I´m trying to teach the book of mormon to the people down here, but they dont usually understand it that well.

Take care, and mom dont kill yourself, RS president isn´t that bad...

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