Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week 71

Dear family,
Well another boring week haha.
The good news is that we have a fair amount of investigators now. Id say a good 18 investigators, only 5 went to church, but we have a lot that are positive, and the Zone has a lot of investigators, so if they don´t get baptised this month, well have a lot for next month, but We are ging to have a good weekends the 25th I think. Just with a concerned effort and hard work, good interviews and smart planning we can pull it off. We have 2 noobie disctrict leaders so its kinda iffy sometimes.

I have more time to write today, so Ill tell you a list of all I ate this week!!!!!!!
Eggs, beans, rice, Chicken, Beef, my first piece of fish in the mission, cereal.
WOOOOWWWWWW how exotic. The same food I have eaten my whole mission lol.
But speaking of food, I dont know if I allready told you guys or not, but we got this rich guy in the stake who always invites us to eat lunch in his house and he gives us like a bunch of food and has a ton of sodas for us to drink. he has a beauty salon school, and hes got plata.

Haha Danny got Busted. Just dont run around in the streets with your airsoft gun or youll get busted like Josh did.

I took a couple pictures, because I realized that I dont have a whole lot of pictures of my areas, and thats what I really want to have, so I´m gonna try and take more pictures from now on, just of what the word looks like here in el salvador. I have one that I took in Chinameca which is like 45 minutes from san miguel. Also its been raining this week, and I have a picture of a street in my area after the rain.

President Perez only has like 15 days left in his mission, and then President Glazier will come. I feel like I´ve already met sister glazier somewhere. But there is a picture of president Perez´s family and I, and of the zone with his family. Also since El Salvador is the land of the drunks, I took a picture ot describe what the streets are like here. Also I have a picture with my new comp.

anyways thats about it for now. Ps the Asistant got in a crash and messed up one of the mission cars :( The good news is that nothing happened to them. ( and Im the only one with the pictures muahahahaa.)

Love Elder DeVictoria

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