Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 72

Dear Family,

We had a good week this week.
We brought a family to church. They are a little pround and extremely defensive, so we hope that slowly they will soften their hearts and let down their barriers. Maybe you could pray for them, they are the Gamez family. We also have some sure baptisms coming up in July from member references :)
We baptised a girl named Rina on saturday, who was also a member reference from her brother who is a member. Now we just have to get her mom baptised (she really wants to, just needs to start keeping hte commandments...) We also got 2 free baptisms from an area that is closed that we have been helping the ward a little bit to get their people baptised lol. They are a reactivated family who didnt have their records, so they baptised the mom again, and the son had just turned 8 so they baptised him too.
The zone finished pretty good, better than last month. This is president perez´s last week, and the mission kinda finished with a bust. They didnt even send the indicators of the mission... how baggy...

We had to walk like four miles yesterday to get all the paperwork done :/

Hope all is good in the homeland. I´m getting fat these days. I´m about to start 6 months to sexy..... (For those who don't know, this is a slang term for missionaries who want to lose weight before going home from their mission. :)

Love elder DeVictoria

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