Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 76:

Dear Family,

Well I got switched areas.
Now I am in an area called Merliot in the ¨La Libertad¨ Stake. My
area is now the area right next door to the temple! We had to go help
out in the open house this week. The other Elders in the zone
allready have 3 weeks of open house duty, so we lost a lot of
proselyting time, but it was worth it because over 166 thousand people
came to the open house. I held the door to the temple open for like 5
hours on thursday. The new ward is a lot different. I guess thats
how it goes though. I think this area might have the potential to be
my most successful in the mission, because the members have allready
given us in one week more references than I have reacieved in my whole
mission practically. We even had a baptism my first sunday. A sister
named Diana de Alas got baptised with her son. The cool part was that
the father/husband was able to do the ordinances. I actually really
like my new area because there are a ton of people and lots of area to
work in. My new companion is named Elder Membreño. He is from
honduras...thats a first lol. Anyways we are working hard. I´m
really tired because the house where we live is like 30 minutes away
from my area in bus, and we end up getting to sleep late almost every
night because of all the stuff we have to do. Its also really wierd
because now we have sister missionaries in the zone. My last two
areas didnt have any, so that will put a spin on things. Usually the
sister missionaries are recognized by having a ton of street contacts
and hardly any lessons lol. But at least all of them are buena honda
(which is like ¨nice¨). This is my first area where we have two pairs
of missionaries living in the same house. There is this Elder from
The Dominican Republic who just got here like 5 days ago. It is
halarious, because nobody can understand him haha. Not even Latins, or
Members. Only other Dominicans haha. I like messing with him because
he is skinny and funny looking, and he is allways falling down and
tripping and stuff. He is allways laughing too haha.

I really do feel tired though. The mission wears you out.

Anyways until next time,
Elder DeVictoria

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