Friday, July 22, 2011

Week 75:

Dear Family,
We had a pretty rough week. I think lack of sleep from the temple trips and responsabilities took a little toll on us, because we both got sick this week. My companion got food poisoning and I have an infection in my throat that I´ve had for like a week. the only reason I havent bought a dose of Amoxicilin is because it costs like 8 bucks and I don´t want to spend that much haha. Yeah the drugs are all free-for-all here. I could go and buy some psych medicine if I wanted too. haha
Also mom I didnt get any pictures that you sent me two weeks ago, the files were too big.
I really don´t have any idea what to write today. I didnt even take any pictures this week. Thats how lame it was.
The zone is allright. We have some lame lazy missionaries, but the rest are working pretty good.
Love elder DeVictoria.

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