Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 78

Dear Family,

Well I guess I got a little bit more to write this week than last week,
I will start answering Teresa´s question. That sign is from a little housing development for low income families. I guess it was sponsored by Taiwan. haha. I´ll send you a picture of what the houses look like there. The houses are really humble. The majority are made of bamboo with mud stuffed in-between. And yes they do have electricity, water, and satelite :)
We had a baptism this weekend of a girl named Fabiola. It was a little hectic, but thats houw all the baptisms are sometimes lol.
She seems happy, and her grandma too.

We are working pretty hard. The field is way ripe here, we just gotta find out how to thrust the sickle in. We are working witha couple incomplete families, and with some that are new. We have a woman and her daughter who are going to get baptised in a few weeks I feel. they are called Iris and Katarin.

Wow I cant believe that danny is going to start high school. Thats just wierd. good luck. I guess Sam is going to start college too, but you really need to stay active in the church Sam and read the scriptures. I have met a lot of different Elders on the mission Sam, and I know you can do it too.

Anyways stop gossiping mom.....haha
Hope all is well in paradise.

Love Elder DeVictoria.

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