Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 79

Dear Family,

I have to say that I am fairly excited to hear that Christian, and Matt got their eagle scouts, and that Christian is getting ready to go on the mission. That is really awesome. ITs great to hear all of the people that have gone out since Ive been here, let me think: Noel, Jason, Jonas....are there more.. anyways it way cool. I hope that they keep sending them out. Bishop Garrison told me that the thing that keeps President Monson up at night is that the Aaronic Priesthood quoroms are weakening, and there are a lot of boys who aren´t worthy, don´t understand the doctrine, and that are too enticed by the world. So as long as we keep sending out missionaries, I am happy for our ward, they are doing good work. After being out here for a while I really notice how much better the Antioch 2 ward is than 95% of the wards in El Salvador. They lack mainly: Organization, Youth Activities, Ward Activities, and drum rol...........Home teaching (It basically doesn´t exist) Tell Sam and Danny to hang in there, and don´t let themselves go after the bad stuff that is out there. They need to become missionaries. Maybe Sam should start thinking about getting his patriarchal blessing.

One of the most exciting things that has happened this week is that my companion and I found a real Korean Restaurant! It wasn´t amazing, but it was allright, definitely worth the effort, because you get tired really fast of eating just the same old thing all day. I´ll send you a picture (for some reason they seem really dark.)

We have a pretty good teaching pool going right now. We are teaching Ines and Rosario who are some upper aged women. They have gone to church 1 and 2 times, and they are progressing...just a little slowly. We also have some wonderful and faithful investigators named Iris and her daughter Katarin who are pretty solid for this month. We are teaching a family named the Merino Family. They are all super smart, all 10 of them....(not all of them are interested though), and the good news is that the mom has like this profound silent interest in what we teach her, and even though they havent come to church, they like us to come over, and I can see that if we start with them they will go somewhere. We also have a woman named Maria Eliza who we have been teaching since the start of this Transfer. She is very inteligent, and understand absolutely everything that we teach her. The hard thing is that she has been raised Catholic and is actively participation in her catholic community, but I believe that she has doubts with her church, because otherwise she wouldnt have come to church this sunday. It was kinda a shock to see her there early...but the problem is that the talks were horrible. Hardly prepared, and really odd, and we had to teach temples in gospel principles and it sounded really wierd too i think. Thankfully we had allready taught her in depth about the temple because she liked the open house. We also have this husband of a family who might progress....he goes to church, but im sure that he woont get baptised until he has a spiritual experience.

Speaking of the temple the dedication is this saturday. My area is literally 5 minutes from the temple, and very soon, it will include the temple. Thes pretty cool. We are going to have a conference with elder eyering on friday! It should be really cool. We are trying to change houses, because the one we have right now is awesome, but it is outside of our area, and we have to share it with 2 other missionaries, so it is really distracting and hard to focus. and the worst part is that it is 45 mintues from our area so it is impeding our success. We found a house and hopefully we wil be able to move this wednesday.

All the zone baptised allready which is pretty cool. Now we just have to work to try and meet the goal that we have of 24 baptisms (We only have 9 right now). The assistants keep on macheteing me about my street contacting, because they are upset that I´m not talking to everyone that I see....but whatever. I need to improve...but its kinda hard because my companion is a little wierd. He is really organized and a good teacher and everything...but he has a lot of intelectual pride, and doesnt like to do anything other than his way. And Ive had some frustration momemnts with him, because Im not one to get angry with my companion, but we have had lessons where he didnt let me say a single word. yeah wierd...but anyways he is going home at the end of this change, so que le vaya bien....

Cant think much more to say, but yeah pretty normal week.

Love Elder DeVictoria.

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