Monday, August 29, 2011

Week 81

Dear Family,
Well we had another excelent week because we were able to have more baptisms. We are really seeing a lot of miracles here in this area. I don´t know why...this is the first area where I have really seen people change on their own...All we had to do is invite them and they changed themselves. We also had to have our focus on their need to be baptised. We baptised Ines Reyes and Rosario Reyes. It has been 3 months since the first contact with them, and I guess because we have ben constantly visiting them and teaching them since that time they have progressed. But yes they will be the last baptisms in the Merliot building, because starting in September we will be meeting in the chapel that is right next to the temple! How cool is that.

I feel very strange, I´m right in the middle of the most important things that have happened in the history of El Salvador, and I don´t really know why. But it is a great blessing.

I was sick all week this week...but I´m starting to get better. The only hard thing is that I am taking some really strong medicine to get rid of the bugs in my stomach and I feel like I´m on chemotherapy. It makes the skin on my hands and feet really sensitive and painful, and my skin on my whole body just hurts a bit, but I´m allready done with my treatment, so the symptoms should go away.

Thats pretty crazy that Elder Walker knows us lol. I guess China China is pretty small in the church world haha. But El Salvador is pretty small too. And I have bet a whole lot of people..... The only lame part is that I only know a half of the country... Are you sure you arent on divisions with an Elder Teresa......those photos are kinda suspicious.

Anyways Teresa I kinda feel like you guys have been afraid to baptise, because at the start of your mission you guys baptised a lot, but since then I havent really heard much about the baptisms. My advice is just go for it, the scriptures say thrust in thy sickle with all thy might, maybe a lot of them will go inactive, but thats life. I met a man here to baptised over 250 people in his mission in El Salvador, and a lot of them are inactive, but he lives here, and now he can see who stayed active, and there are a lot. And the reason is because the choice is of the person. They say only 10 persent of the people you baptise here will stay active their whole life, but would you prefer 10 percent of 20 or 10 percent of 250? He told me that if you want to see fruits you have to help as many people as you can. I´m not some great baptiser, but I do know that there was a time when I was frustrated that my converts were innactive, but then all of a sudden I saw some at the temple open house, and I can see a lot of farther reaching effects that I have had in my areas, I did the totals of people that I had found/taught/and brought to church in my areas who later were baptised, and excluding the people I was actually there for the ordinances I have helped around 18 people what got baptised the change ater I left the area. So we shouldnt feel bad about what happens to our converts after we finish teaching them. We should do all we can to help them stay active, but we lose a lot of this control as they change our areas, and mix us up and send us home. You just have to work hard and stay centered on baptisms, because if you do, even if you dont baptise them, somoene will. Dont be afraid to put dates with them, their buddihsts, they dont know anything. What we have is obviously better than what they have. Ye have heard it been said that quality is better than quantity, but verily verily I say unto thee that quality is a byproduct of quantity. (Thats advice, not Machete. We only have 6 months left...)

Send my cares to Andrea.
Tell Danny he looks really cool :P

Anyways here are the pictures of last week and this week.

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