Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 80:

Dear Family,
Well this week was pretty awesome. It was like a week of miracles.
The temple dedication made a whole lot of excitement here, One of the coolest things that happened was that We got permission from the 12 apostols to baptise and confirm the same day so that all the recent converts would be able to attend the temple dedication. At the start of the week we didn´t really think much of it, but when we got to thrusday we had a thought come to our heads, because we had a progressing investigator who is really positive. We came to the conclusion that she was ready to get baptised, and that she should go to the temple dedication. So we planned with the other two elders here that we were going to do a special meeting with them to challenge them. Elder Beckett brought his violin and we basically had a music/testimony meeting where we challenged her to be baptised. It was really spiritual, and they both said yes (Iris and Katherine). So what we did is we interviewed them on the spot (because elder Beckett is a District Leader) and we put the date for saturday. It was really kinda hectic, because friday we had a really great meeting with president Eyring and Elder Christofferson. It is very different to hear someone from the first presidency speak. He has a lot of power, and a strong testimony. But anyways on Saturday it was CRAZY the amount of stuff that went wrong. But we baptised and confirmed Iris and Katherine, and on sunday they went to the temple dedication, and I was unbelievably happy for that. Fabiola also went :).
We went to all three sessions, and the third session was amazing. I can not believe the things that President Eyring said in that deidcatory session. He stood up unanounced and started to prophesy about the future of the nation of El Salvador. He shared an experience that he had when Spencer W. Kimball was first called as the prophet in which he was going to give a discourse about the missionary work, and he had an image of the world and a bunch of arrows leaving the western part of the united states and going to all of the world, but president Kimball suddenly recieved a revelation and told them to change it, the new image had all of the arrows coming out of central and south america to all the world. President Eyring said that this will come to pass, that this nation will not only bless its citizens, not only Central America, but eventually will bless the entire world. He was really prophesying in that moment, and I felt like I got like hit in the face by the power of his words. I almost got like dizzy. He would have said more, but he said that he shouldn´t and stopped to prophesy, but it was really a once in a lifetime experience to hear a true prophet give a modern day revelation. He basically said that the prophesies of Isaiah and the Book of Mormon prophets were going to start to be fullfilled with this nation. The prophesies that say that the gentiles will feed the gospel to the lamanites, and that the lamanites will feed the gospel to the rest of the world.
Anywyas pretty cool experience. Today I am kinda sick, I have to pretty good temperature, but I´m sure it will go away.
Hope all is going good in Antioch, I hope that Danny and Sam and behaving, and that everything is going good in church.
Pictures will have to be until next week, because I left my camara in my luggage, because we are going to change houses today.
Love elder DeVictoria.

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