Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 83

Dear Family,
So this was a good week, but a very dissapointing Sunday. Some idiot in the politics decided to change the day of the little girl parades to sunday, and suddenly the whole city decides that watching 9 year old girls march is more important that going to church. We had 12 people committed to go to church during the week, and even up to sunday in the morning, but when they got wind that there was a little girl parade oh that has to take presidence....oh that kinda makes me mad....nobody went to church, even though we passed by 6 houses in the morning on sunday... Yeah pretty disgusting, it throws off some of our baptismal dates.

Anyways... Thats pretty cool that dad is having a good time in China. Its still kinda wierd to think that my family is gonna live in china... You guys have some cool stories of the stuff in China.

Mom I hope your sugery goes well...Its kinda wierd that you have to have it.

The work is going good here, other than the lame parade fracaso we have a lot of investigadores, and possible baptisms next week.
I feel kinda wierd in the mission now days, like all the missionaries are new, and I don´t know them haha. Its like you kinda get swept back into a corner when you are winding down you mission haha. The zone is a little hairy because when I got here it was like a repeat of San Miguel, because we didnt have anything! but we had baptisms this week, so they broke the ice at least, and wee have 6 possibles for this next weekend in the zone, so keep your fingers crossed, and the Usulutan Zone in your prayers.

Anyways I went to california this week :P
there is a city called California here haha.

Love Elder DeVictoria.

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