Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 84

Dear Family,
Well I guess I have to say that Dad looks like a happy little kid in the picture of him in front of the olympic stadium. I don´t know how I feel about the 45% tax thing...maybe you guys should think about getting a chinese tax laywer? For a buisiness plan it might be worth it... I also liked the photo of Bert rolling up his noodles in his chop sticks haha.
I´m also pretty pumped to see how Aaron is going on a mission. It just shows that God doesn´t send his spiritual children by mistake, and even though we control our own destiny, God has a vision, plans and goals for our lives. So I´m sure its not chance that Aaron is going out on a mission, it is because he was pre-ordained to that calling just as we were, and he is fulfilling the commitment that he made to God thousands of years ago. It is a very good example to his family, and he will be an influence for much good due to the experiences that he wil gain on the mission. BTW, Tacoma Washington is the highest baptising mission in the United States now.... :)
We ( Like Teresa ) Also had a couple meetings with Elder Martino from the area presidency this week. They were pretty good, I got a lot out of it, and it helped me identify the things that we are not doing good in our zone. Basically I feel like the majority of missionaries (including me) are not dynamic enough. We also are not using members as we should. So I am trying to improve that in my own area, and my companion and I have put some goals to do more activities, examples, visual aids ect. Because we have seen a lot of success from that. Also I know what I´m not doing right in this moment; We are not looking for new people like we should. We are looking through the bins of old investigators, and we have pulled out some investigators that look positive, but we havent been able to contact them yet, and we also have really not been looking for news. I went through my history here in the mission of people that I found and put a baptismal date for (some of them got baptised the transfer after I left) and came to the conclusion that about 65% of my baptisms have come from street contacts, door knocking and service, about 30% from references, and about 5% from investigators that were allready in the area from the past missionaries.
We have one sister named Carolina who is our only possible baptism for this month. She is ready, and fullfills all the requirements, but she has a lttle of family fued about the churc which is damaging her progression. So this will have to be a week of prayer and focus so that we don´t set a bad example for the zone. Almost everyone is the zone has baptised this month (which is a lot better than last month...they only finished with 3 baptisms in the zone :/ ) but the only two areas that are missing are us and Jucuapa, but we both have possibles. But yeah its a week where the focus will be teaching Caro, and finding a real family to teach and bring to church.
We had a leaders council with Elder Martino, and we came up with a few goals that are to help the mission get back in shape,
1) 2 Complete families progressing each week.
2) 1 Complete Family in chuch each week.
3) 5 Inactive families with priesthood being taught by the missionaries each week.
I´m really tired, because it has been a long week, and I have inadecuate sleep. so I´m going to focus on getting correct rest and exercise as well.
Hope all goes well in the normal life out there in antioch. Every once in a while I meet someone that has been there haha.
With Mucho amorrrrr,
Elder Devictoria
One picture is of my companion,
The other is when we went crusising with the assistants in their Toyota Hilux.

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