Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 88

Dear family,
Well thank goodness I didn’t get changed. I’m still here in Usulután, and yes the Sosa Melara family has accepted their baptismal date for this 23rd J. My new companion is (Drumroll….) a Gringo! Haha. Yes I have a North American companion! His name is Elder Antonio. They gave him his middle name instead of his last name, because his last name is Vergaray, which has a Spanish dirty word in it. But yeah. Talk about weird, it’s a lot different than being with a Latin companion, because we end up talking like all day every day. And yes in English. Also he likes computers, and understands what I’m talking about when I tell him about technology and software and stuff.
The area is still pretty good. We have some investigators that are only progressing a little bit, but we have found more of them who actually have already accepted to be baptized, we just have to help them solve their commandment problems. The zone got way changed, they re-opened 2 areas, and changed out 6 of our missionaries, so half of our zone had changes.
It has been raining all…..week….long….. That has really made our time difficult. Not because we don’t get anything done, but it slows us down, and makes all of the Salvadorians really really really lazy. This Sunday only 65 people came to church because you guessed it, it was raining…..they like freak out here when it rains, and don’t think they can do anything. They even close all the businesses and schools, just for a little bit of rain. Its ridiculous. But the good news is that everyone is in their houses, so we can teach a lot of lessons. And we ended up still bringing people to church which is cool. I literally only have 4 months left till I come home….that’s really weird. It even weirder to think that Teresa will be coming home about the same time. And that Sam should be leaving soon after J. We have a lot of support from the branch here. This week we did 8 times more lessons with member than without. So it is helping the people a lot to progress, because they get to know a lot of members.
On the day of changes we had gone all the way to San Vicente, to get the people from the other bus to come back, and we got all the way to Usulutan, and the assistants called us and asked us if we had an Elder Johnson on the bus with us, it turns out we did, so we got to Usulutan and had to get on a bus and take him all the way back to San Salvador….So we ended up losing the whole day of work and getting to sleep at 1:30 am. It was really sad being in the assistants house and seeing all the missionaries that were going home, there is just a weird feeling you get when you are around them…. Really weird.
Mom your letter was disgusting.

But that is the way things are going down here. I hope all is good up there. With much love,
Elder DeVictoria.

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