Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 89

Dear Family,

I only have 16 weeks left.... that's rediculous.
This week was not very good. We had a LOT of challenges. The rain last week hurt us a lot. The lack of progress in some of our investigators hurt us even more. The worst thing that happened was that the Zosa Melara family didn't pass their interview for a serious legal problem, and won't be able to get baptised for at least a month or two. It could be up to a year and a half that we would have to wait. That just about ruined my life. But I don´t have control over that. The good thing is that they have a testimony, are fixing the things they need to fix, and they are going to church still. We had to drop another family, because they accept every principle of the gospel except the sabbath day. He runs a stupid little mill, and he absolutly negates the possibility of shutting it sunday, or changing jobs. Maybe someday they will repent and change, but they are really just in the trash bin for their in-belief in that one principle. We dropped other investigators who had gone to church several times because the woman wants to be a female pastor. So basically we are stuck with a somewhat good woman who has an innactive husband that doesnt support her. And a catholic bred woman who is not living the law of chastity and has 100% negative pressure from her family. What joy right? the other 3 good investigaotrs that we have will pass to be part of a new area next week. So we are going to be left out dry. We probably wont baptise this month.

So yeah.
I'm really tired. I understand why the mission is only 2 years now, because I am really worn out.
It could be partly because I am trying really hard, and another part could be that They have had me as zone leader for 6 months now which is a lot of pressure as well.

But we will see what happens.
I really liked the photos that you sent me, send more. Mission pictures if you can, they are inspiring for me.

And don't worry too much about Sam, just love him and support him. I do. Remember that it will be worth a lot more to him if he does it for his own will. I know he would do just fine on the mission. I have known many Elders just like him, and they have baptised a lot of people, and leave the mission with much more self-confidence and patience. I have learned more patience here. At the start of my mission when I would take the christlike attributes test in Preach my Gospel I would always score lowest in patience, now I think I score lowest in diligence maybe? I dont know it has been a while since I took it. Thanks for helping the missionaries, it helps a lot.

Love Elder DeVictoria.

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