Monday, October 31, 2011

Week 90:

Dear Family,
Well we had another pretty lame week. The sun came out again which is good, but basically the whole area is desolute. The good news is that we have a few little investigators. The Zosa Melara family still are in-between on thier legal problem... but we will see what we can do. Karen is still in-descisive about getting baptised or not, and she decided to go work instead of going to church yesterday....But she will get baptised, I can feel it. We finished kinda poorly in the zone this month, but the whole mission finished poorly as well. We really took a hit with the rain this month. It was a national emergency afterall. Hopefully November will be better.
Hahaha I really liked Danny's costume hahaha. He even had the dunder miflin nametag thing haha. I forgot it was haloween until I saw your email lol. So many things that you just forget about when you are out of the country.
Anyways I am making a true effort to be 100% obedient and diligent this week, to see if the Lord will truly bless us.
Hope alls well in paradise,
Love Elder DeVictoria
So Yes I owe you all a lot of pictures, this is like the last three weeks worth of pictures. luckily even though I don't take them, my companion does, so you guys can enjoy a little bit of what Usulutan looks like when it is raining and green.
1) The first one is a city called Jiquilisco in the central park.
2) A street in Usulutan during the start of our monsoon.
3) A picture my companion took of me meditating when I couldn't focus on anything.
4) Milpa = Corn field in spanish.
5) A cool Ranch that hasn't sold its property even though its like right in town.
6) Me in a chair at some investigators' house.

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